Burger King in Russia claims Pennywise promotes McDonald's, wants "It" banned


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There’s no comparison. Ronald McDonald has killed WAY more people than Pennywise from heart disease alone.


Not to defend McD’s, but someone in Russia seriously needs their eyes checked.


Whoa whoa whoa. But It is a Stephen King novel, so doesn’t it balance out?

If not, I say McDonald’s should hit back by requesting “The King and I”, "The King’s Speech”, “The Lion King”, and "The Return of the King” be banned.

And really, if Pennywise is reminiscent of Ronald McDonald, doesn’t that mean It should scare people away from McDonald’s?


They’re shooting themselves in the giant clown foot.


I’m with you Melz, they need better eye surgeons in Russia!



In Mother Russia…

McDonalds eat YOU!


If you enjoy this photo, might I humbly recommend the 2003 treatment of the (incredibly dumb) Australian TV Show, “Pizza”? There is a scene where the main character (and show writer) picks a fight with a group of Ronald McDonald types (“McDoggle”).


In America, McDonalds still eats you; slowly, from the inside out.

Seriously, though; psychotic clowns (or just clowns, in general) tend to deter customers, not attract them.


…At least, glorious russian people don’t need no western decadence :


In the words of Willie D; “Your ghetto ain’t no harder than mine.”


maybe Russians are weird and attracted by disturbingly violent things. I should try to find a website that periodically makes that assertion in a quasi-comical fashion.


I would love to see Burger King try to get The Threepenny Opera banned because of “Mac Tonight”


Good for you, Russia. That clown is creepy.


Also: We All Fry Down Here…


But what if Pennywise is simply Ronald’s alter ego? I, for one, am certainly willing to entertain the idea.




Yeah, that sandwich is not called a McHeartAttack. That’s what kids tell their parents it is called, but it has a far more offensive name.


I don’t care, thanks; it was intentionally hyperbolic.


You’re welcome. Thanks for caring enough to reply.