Burger King in Russia claims Pennywise promotes McDonald's, wants "It" banned

I wasn’t the person who came engaging you, and I honestly don’t care about your unsolicited opinion of my comment. I’m just bored, out of assignments and trying to make the last of my work day go by faster.

If you’re a thirsty attention-seeker who’s volunteering to be my temporary scratching post, I’ll happily oblige you; just say the word.


Oh, I see how it is. We all LOOK THE SAME to you??


That was a pretty weird use of the song though. Does McDonald’s not know the song is about a murderer? Then again, Bobby Darin pulled off his pseudo-Sinatra career with it too, so maybe people just don’t pay attention to who “Mac the Knife” was.

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“They all look alike!”

I wonder what bigotry against clowns would be called; clown-ism?

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Coulroism? (from Coulrophobia: fear of clowns).

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I’m glad I’m not the only one that thinks the Burger King mascot is secretly a Chthonic cult symbol.

Yeah, I’m aware of the name for the manufactured phobia, but ‘unreasonable fear’ isn’t the same as hateful bigotry.

I think it’s pretty obvious which Burger King fan has been whispering in Putin’s ear about suing McDonalds.

The struggle is real.

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