Burger King staff refused to read menu for blind customer

Just some lazy bastard who didn’t want to do that bit extra to help a customer, the jobsworth thing is pretty dead in the UK, most people are quite helpful.

An alternative headline for this sort of trope: "A person, in an entry level job, being paid the minimum wage, failed to show poise, sophistication and grace when faced with an unusual request with serious consequences while under time pressure"

Um, no. Nobody was looking for “poise, sophistication and grace”, just for an answer to “does this brownie have nuts in it?”


The mystery to me is where was management during this exchange? And to your point about cross contamination, with nuts its pretty easy to tell from the ingredients list. There all sorts of variations for MSG if you are sensitive, ie autolyzed yeast, hydrolized protein…

Fast food places usually keep a list or chart of which products contain which common allergens. They often display it prominently (yeah yeah, not so useful when you’re blind). This is not something really that far outside of the ordinary. I think the fast food worker was either in a mood or else covering up for something.



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