Burglar doesn't realize he's being filmed


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Truncheon to the back of the knees will teach ya friggin bastard.


Not suffering from some overwhelming sympathy for the guy, but he did get dropped face-first in a pile of shattered glass…


The police did what was supposed to.
Arrest the burglar and then take it to a jail I hope that the juge will make him pay for a new glass pane installation.





Then he ought not to have put it there…


the usual jaunty interaction between British police and suspect
Depends if you can hear them over the sound of getting tasered in the face:.
(Don’t miss the bit where he was charged with assaulting a police officer, presumably for getting in the way of the taser).


probably the insurance estimate will take some time if their is insurance for double glazed windows/draft exclusion/weather seal/locks
if this is england the temperature is below freezing so who going to pay for
the inconvenience… mr snowman


That’s probably the least of his worries.


Trying to figure this out. Are you implying coating the guy in oil and frying him?


Even worse, it is in Scotland


The move had the potential to damage his eyes and/or scar his face for life. Those could have been more serious outcomes than whatever criminal justice consequences are likely to befall him.


The video on YouTube has 700 dislikes and 450 likes.



What would you have the police do in this situation? If I was the first cop to arrive I would make sure the CRIMINAL knew I meant business. The back of the knees is a very effective point of vulnerabilty. I would have probably done the same thing. Did he have a gun or other weapon? He had some kind of a pry bar which could easily crack a skull. I thought the police handeled it quite well. If he cut his face, maybe he would’nt be breaking and entering into other people’s residences.


I think the police handled it very well indeed. Sorry the guy made the choice he did, but the police have no idea if he’s armed merely with a crowbar and need not take any chances. One of the things to admire about UK police is their approach to disarming people, but that means getting the gentleman to the ground as quickly as possible and controlling him. US police would have far more likely pulled out their handguns and order the guy to the ground. Probably more minor injuries involved in the UK approach, but very few deaths. The US approach may well have fewer minor cuts (maybe?) but more deaths.

That said, I’ve also got zero problem with our cinematographer grabbing a shotgun in this situation and letting this gentlemen know there are consequences for coming all the way through the door.


Looks like


Filmed in portrait.


THIS is a proportionate response to a property crime.


In all honesty I have NEVER heard or read about a British burglar carrying a gun.