Burner wedding features fire-jetting unicorn statue that sneeze glitter and pisses lemonade


In before some dude who is angry that Burning Man exists.


This doesn’t actually seem to have anything to do with BM. Cool sculpture at least.

The Huntsmen have gathered for the Hunt Breakfast
in The Swarm Bar, a hang-out for elegant pansies. The
Huntsmen strut about with imbecile narcissism in black
leather jackets and studded belts, flexing their muscles
for the fags to feel. They all wear enormous falsie
baskets. Every now and then one of them throws a fag
to the floor and pisses on him.
They are drinking Victory Punch, compounded of
paregoric, Spanish Fly, heavy black rum, Napoleon
brandy and canned heat. The punch is served from a
great, hollow, gold baboon, crouched in snarling terror,
snapping at a spear in his side. You twist the baboon’s
balls and punch runs out his cock. From time to time
hot hors-d’oeuvres pop out the baboon’s ass with a loud
farting noise. When this happens the Huntsmen roar
with bestial laughter, and the fags shriek and twitch.
-Naked Lunch

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And in before me saying the same thing!

I’m not entirely sure how it’s a “she”, and also how it’s never referred to as a sparkle pony…

Slightly disappointed it doesn’t poop cupcakes.

From the article
"My husband and I met through our local Burning Man community and are friends with some seriously talented fire geeks. "

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Oh, ok I get it. So if they had met at a McDonalds it would have been a McD’s wedding. Gotcha.

No part of the headline or the article says the wedding took place at Burning Man, not sure why you decided that was the case.

Burner is a description of a person that takes part in the burning man community, by going to burning man or to local burning man events.

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Right, I’m just unsure why / how that title came about. It’s a major commercial event, with ~$375 tickets, surrounded by linear miles of chainlink fence and barbed wire. I’d would think a title for people who go to the superbowl or something like that would be just as relevant, and just as silly.

So thaaat’s what a Unicorn chaser actually is.

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But when you give it a lick, does it taste just like raisins?


I have every confidence if it wasn’t so MOOP unfriendly, glitter would be as ubiquitous as dust at Burning Man.

A nice young man was fired from his position as director of a “teen” summer camp when he offer too smoke a doobie with his assistant. Wrong. Assistant knark’d him out too the “One’s who matter”.

Called on the carpet and fired exponentially.

The worst thing was he cut his hair for the job, 5 years Master at university, never cut the hair. But for the post graduate summer gig. Grabbed his gear and headed out too the lonely Albertian bi-way too hitch a ride. He refused their offer too town.

He was head down on a deserted road and no idea of how too end the day. Then a van came around and down the road. He stuck his thumb out and the van pulled over. The side door opened and a voice asked, “Where you headed?”. “No were. I was just fired.” he replied. “We’re going too Buring Man. Want too come along?”. He left with them travelling along that Albertian road towards happiness.

That man eventually became a doctor of medicine. And most likely still is. In hind sight, if he had not been fired cause he thought his assistant was cool, he would of never thought or imagined his luck had he done other wise. Good Karma.

Hey, Kat Green here. Thanks for writing about our project! Just a correction, I made the unicorn with my husband Jesse Green, Eric McGregor just took the photos. We also took the unicorn to NY Maker Faire in 2012 and Popular Science did a small interview with us with some video of the green fire. http://www.popsci.com/diy/article/2012-10/video-3-crazy-maker-faire-projects


There’s no chainlink fence and certainly no barbed wire, so maybe try to have some idea what you’re talking about before doing so.


By Gawd, I’d just about consider marrying again, if it meant having one of these.

THIS is what making is all about - and this is, hands down, the absolute apex of awesome projects. It couldn’t possibly be any better unless it was bluetooth-enabled (for what purpose, I don’t know… But still - bluetooth). But until that day comes, I humbly salute you, Kat and Jesse Green! You rule.

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Right, I’m just unsure why / how that title came about.

I think it’s part of the BoingBing Stylebook to always include some sort of geek reference in a title whenever possible, no matter how tenuous or tangential.

Spoken like a non-burner.

For the record, the event declares itself to be a commerce-free zone. Ice, coffee, lemonade and the occasional film rights are the only things sold within the perimeter, which features neither chainlink fence, nor barbed wire around its perimeter, but low orange plastic construction-site fencing strung along a 9-mile fenceline.

Believe what you like, though. Most people do.

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You sound particularly curious and misinformed about Burning Man-- why not go?