Burning Eyes and Skin at Bored Ape Bacchanal

Crypto Bros Report Burning Eyes and Skin at Bored Ape Bacchanal

Attendees at a Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT event say they had to go to the hospital and the burns are believed to be related to UV light from the video screens.

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What began as a jovial conference celebrating crypto culture and flashy nonfungible tokens this weekend ended with multiple attendees in a hospital believing they were going blind.

Several people who attended this year’s “ApeFestBored Ape Yacht Club NFT collection event in Hong Kong reported waking up in the middle of the night with burning sensations in their eyes and fears of vision loss following one of the events. At least three attendees posting about their experiences on Twitter, now called X, claimed to have sought medical attention to treat their mysterious ailment.

“I woke up at 04:00 and couldn’t see anymore,” one of the attendees going by the handle @CryptoJune777 wrote. “Had so much pain and my whole skin is burned. Needed to go to the hospital.”

Though the exact cause of the eye issues remains unclear, attendees speculated it could have something to do with particularly bright flashing lights emanating from the conference stage.


(here’s hoping that NFT ‘investment’ returns enough to fund the medical care needed because of attending the NFT admiration society)


In fairness, hard UV is way more disruptive than normal, legacy, blacklights.

If people just stored their DNA on the immutable blockchain they could take it, no trouble.


I feel like everything I’ve read about the recent exploits of cryptobros was designed for maximum schadenfreude.


The combination of credulousness, spectacle-seeking and incompetence pretty much guarantees a never-ending stream of schadenfreude, I think.


Do they have an editor? This doesn’t pass the smell test in the slightest, do ANY screens emit UV. The using the wrong bulbs makes sense.

Well, there’s the answer to my editor question. Bet this was an AI written article.


I vaguely remembered Big Clive making a video about this kind of problem a while ago.


Turns out he made it in response to a near-identical incident, with the wrong type of UV bulbs being used, five years ago.


It is Blockenfreude; it is stored on the chain.


I have a small/cheap Shortwave/Longwave UV lamp. The short wave one is what makes Willemite glow a wonderful green and I know I need to not look at it directly, but I am sure I have for brief seconds. I can’t imagine long term exposure, that would be bad. If only someone had some fluorescent minerals with them that started to glow when they shouldn’t alerting people to the shortwave UV!

I have a very powerful longwave flashlight as well, but that is a typical “black light” that you use to light up your posters, etc.

(Repeated here from the other BB thread)

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Can’t track the algos if you can’t see them.

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good memory! and Big Clive has very recently posted another in which he believes he’s discovered the source of the injurious UV-C lighting units (nearby some art-sy installation involving toilets…?):


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