Burt Ward's "Boy Wonder" song, a collaboration with Frank Zappa

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Even then they all knew Batman was gay


Even in the 60s, she felt the need to clarify her gender. She knew. We all knew.


He compares TMOI to the Hell’s Angels?


I’ve actually read that book. Accidentally ran across it in the library. Had to read it since a had a huge crush on Robin. Ward talks a lot about how big his dick is and how they had to pad his shorts. Foo on that!


Holy Fucking Wow.

This transcends wonderful things.

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Little known fact I acquired from a trivia book, Burt Ward was the 1st choice of the producer of The Graduate for the role that made Dustin Hoffman a star. He could not get out of the time conflicts from the Batman contract.


He had his own VFX facility at one point.

I wonder if Burt Ward was even aware of what was going on. Did he really think he was just palling around with a bunch of weirdos?

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More proof of musical genius Frank Zappa’s insatiable desire to compose and bring joy to the world by any means necessary. Any excuse to cut a track. You can tell doo-wop styles were not too far in the past - in 1966 he also released Freak Out which was jumped on by the press looking for dirty hippie totems as noted in the above interview. I wonder if any of this was cut from when he had the orchestra time booked for Freak Out? Though this track is more reminiscent of his Soul Giants/ Del-Fi records days, or even Go Cry on Somebody Else’s Shoulder from Freak Out, his spoken word approach was both a nod to the theatrical “poetic interlude” of 50’s crooners, and set the stage for more notable (or notorious) spoken word records which I am loath to mention here (1968’s The Transformed Man etc.)

Long Live Zappa!


Another one for the excavated archives of fifty thousand years hence

Imagine how bad all the campy 60’s spoken word records like this one would have been if they’d had autotune back then.

I thought that was the “Baby on Board” song…

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