Business Class Passenger Gets Racist When Refused A Drink

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Every other word is “fucking”. Wow. How many times does she say she’s a lawyer? Many. International criminal lawyer. Wow.

Sounds more English than Irish, despite what the article says.

Promptly arrested.

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It’s really worth a look. Unlike all those videos where you can barely tell what happened, this one is a crystal clear fountain of f-words.

Is it really? I went ahead and watched it, and it just made me feel like an icky voyeur. I don’t think I gained or learned anything by watching that.

What makes it worth watching for you?

Well, I did clearly explain what was in it. If you’re into that sort of thing, and clearly a lot of people around here are judging from the number of similar posts, then yeah, it’s gotta be one of the best. Woo!

Might be from the North of England.

Thanks for the response, but why did you avoid my question of what makes it worth watching for you?

Does it have to be about me? I was sharing.

But since you asked and then meta-asked… These kinds of videos give me an opportunity to indulge in adolescent super-heroism fantasies. Sub-genre relevance because I fly a lot. How would I handle a racist or other harasser inside the tin can.

Ah okay, thanks, I can see that. I suppose there’s some value in fantasizing about somehow doing something about such a person. Maybe even as a way of preparing for actually doing something about such behavior, at least in some situations, especially if that person got physically threatening or violent.

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