Wells Fargo fires VP who peed on another passenger during an international air flight

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FTA, this was one of two incidents in the past month. I’m not saying that after the first incident a clear message should’ve been sent as a deterrent…

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…but I’d understand.


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For the life of me, I can’t imagine what thought processes and/or sequence of events would lead someone to pee on someone else in airplane.


And that’s why you don’t have a job at Wells Fargo.


Yeah, just about as “disturbed” as they were about all those fake accounts they grifted onto their valued customers.


Here’s an instructive opinion piece from Indian media that popped up in a news feed.

If you think about it, this speaks a lot to the incivility that’s been growing in the US as well. We don’t have the formal caste system. But race has always been our caste system. Plus we’ve had increasing economic & social stratification as well. And politics are all about “us vs them”.


Air India said it banned Mishra from its flights for a month.

A whole month, you say? Well now, problem solved, I guess!

After the incident, the crew reportedly brought Mishra face-to-face with the victim against her wishes

Oh, I take it back - what a masterful handling of the situation. Truly, after having gone through this shit, what the victim really needed was to be confronted by the dude again.

Reportedly he was drunk, so not so much with the “thinking,” but… still. That just raises more questions, really.


I just finished reading this book. The author makes a solid case for the existence of a caste system in the US, all tangled up with racism of course, but more than that.

Painful reading, but important.


Exactly! Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so it means on some level he just wants to pee on strangers in public? I don’t get it.


I have a hard time accepting the term “incivility” in situations like this, because it always seems to be synonymous with rudeness. The examples of inconsiderate behavior in the article don’t compare, because this was an assault. There have been people charged in the US for intentionally spitting on others, and this case is much worse.

It’s true that systemic racism, fostering a sense of supremacy, and “othering” those who are different can be major causes of basic unequal consideration and treatment. However, when those views cross the line into physical contact that’s a whole other category. What always gets me is the projection - when folks who believe they are superior and describe others as subhuman behave like animals in a zoo or pets that haven’t been housebroken.

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Maybe the VP was attempting to give back via trickle-down economics.


So much for meritocracy. Those people are asking to be severely pamphleted!


Back in the day, I was a commercial bicycle courier in San Francisco, with many regular stops at Hell’s Cargo HQ on Montgomery Street. Their mailroom’s coffee was not as good as that at the Hills Brothers site, but it wasn’t as bad as what Bank of America or AAA served. ;(

Once he realized what he’d done, he signed her up for 30 accounts without her knowledge, to try and get back in Wells Fargo’s favor.


Fair enough, and I agree with the sentiment wholeheartedly. But I really didn’t mean incivility in the sense of “impoliteness”. What I meant was to refer very broadly to all behavior in a civic context being influenced by those underlying motives.

Interpersonal violence is an extreme and very visible outcome. But the phenomenon is far more pervasive than just the “tip of the iceberg” symptoms. And if the entire issue isn’t acknowledged and dealt with then we will always have the extreme occurrences from time to time.


[Emphasis added]

Thanks for a great suggestion! Seems like kind of a hefty tome, at over 400 pages. But from the various synopses in the GoodReads listing it definitely looks like an important exploration into an unacknowledged thread of malevolence within our national history.

Without having read it, I would lean toward thinking a lot of that stems from basic flaws in human character, allowed to grow unchecked. Yet much of the intent in founding our country was to create a system that encourages us to rise above the flaws in our nature.

For our country to succeed, and to provide justice for all we can’t be afraid to remove our blinders and recognize pervasive flaws like this.

That willful blindness, embodied in the “again” part helps make the MAGA slogan so insidiously attractive to white people who see their (real or illusory) privilege evaporating. The implication is that all we need to do is get back to the ways we used to be “great”. They blame their troubles on black folks, and all the non-white immigrants. They’re enraged when those people get any kind of beneficial treatment.

Because these undercastes are supposed to be the consolation of poor whites. “We may be struggling, but at least we’re not them”.

When all the while the real monied power elites who are exploiting everyone claim to be “on your side” against those evil liberals who want to take away your God-given rights to kneel on the necks of the downtrodden.

(But all this is perhaps becoming a pretty far tangent from the OP.)

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