Woman rants about free speech as she and companion are made to deboard flight over racist and homophobic slurs: "Elon Musk is the f*cking king!"

Originally published at: Woman rants about free speech as she and companion are made to deboard flight over racist and homophobic slurs: "Elon Musk is the f*cking king!" | Boing Boing


Ladies, gentlemen and non-binary pals… may I present to you the modern day conservative agenda.


Of course she has a pink phone with glitter …


The disquisition on free speech continues as she declares her intention to sue the other passengers for their grumbled criticisms.

I hope she tries this, especially if it’s in response to other passengers suing her and her companion/lackey for delaying the flight.


Help me out here. I’m not seeing the correlation.


Is it what they call lawfare?


This gentlewoman acts like she’s been living exclusively in the right wing echo chamber for so long she actually believes this is acceptable behavior. Maybe flying is the only time she has to face normal people? It’s scary how well their brainwashing is working. It’s a worse plague than Covid.


I suppose it could be, but she’d have to wage that battle by herself, because I doubt she’s going to find a lawyer willing to take that case, and if she does, it’s going to be a really bad lawyer.

I don’t know about normal people, but I suspect this is the first time since mask mandates ended that she’s been around anyone wearing a mask and I’d bet that’s what set her off. And yes, she probably lives in an echo chamber. I’ve known people like this, who only hang around other Trump supporters 99% of the time, and they believe they are representative of a majority of the country. It’s why they can’t believe Trump lost the election. In their world, nearly everyone they know voted for Trump, and they can’t wrap their heads around the fact that a majority of the country didn’t.


Thank gawd, Musk can’t run for president.


As a leftie, I’m feeling totally owned right now. :worried:


Ah yes, another classic case of MAGADS - MAGA Derangement Syndrome. I hope they were escorted to one of the best treatment centers available.


Yeah, it’s going to awhile before I get back to flying the un-friendly skies, a good long while…


One of my favorite things about Kenji videos, and I love everything about Kenji videos, is how he signs off “guys, gals and non-binary pals.”

Also, Lopez is his wife’s last name. He hyphenated his name with hers when they married. :heart:

ETA: Oh yeah, on topic, conservatives are freakin’ babies.


But his influence in choosing/campaigning for/funding the next few presidents will be enormous. We are seeing the first examples already in incidents like this.



I also love that last bit during the exit video. The look on her face that says, “Whaddya mean I can’t go back and assault that fellow passenger?”



Damn, when the mask mandate ended, the masks really came off…Shocking, but sadly not surprising given the cup and a half of robber baron juice Musk just dumped into our little fascist stew we’re brewing.


Efffing garbage people.

Garbage in garbage out.


I’m starting to notice an interesting pattern, which is that when people behave badly on airplanes, they always seem to end up shouting racist or homophobic slurs, and yelling about Donald Trump (or, now, Elon Musk).

Given that left-wingers can also be self-centered assholes, you’d expect to see the occasional asshat getting ejected to the accompaniment of shouts of, I dunno, “Eat the rich!” or “Noam Chomsky is the f*cking king!” But I don’t think I’ve ever seen that.

I’m sure that conservatives would explain this by saying that Big Media don’t allow videos of tankies getting thrown off planes to go viral, or, more likely, that Trump supporters are being targeted by woke leftist mega-corporations (you at the back, please stop grinning at the idea of a “leftist mega-corporation”, I’m trying to make a serious point here).

But it does seem weirdly as if the sets of people who (a) are so obnoxious in public that they’re liable to get tossed off a flight [*], and (b) who reach for the F-word and the N-word at a moment’s notice when challenged, and (c) are suckers for authoritarian cults of personality, overlap very strongly.

[*] Technically, these people came to the attention of the flight crew not for being asshats but for contravening a specific condition in their terms of travel with respect to dress (a condition, as I understand it, which is fairly common on airlines that offer reduced-rate friends & family ticketing to staff). But when challenged, they apparently went full-on asshat in short order, so I’m gonna include them in group (a) anyway.


Welcome to Tantrum Nation. Trumpism has infantilized this country to the point of idiocracy…