But officer, I would never hurt anyone




Way to go Texas. I didn’t count but a lot of DFW and AUS there


I would have thought the headline here is that the TSA actually found something they were supposed to be looking for.


It would be great if the feds used such resources and rigor to track and prosecute things which actually caused widespread harm - like pollution.


I’m European, but back in 1999 I spent a few months working in Texas, after which I spent a week doing tourist stuff then got on a plane to California, for more tourist stuff.

In retrospect, I should have spent the week driving to CA instead of flying, but anyway… two of the things I did during that week were

  1. Went to a gun range and shoot a Colt 45. I just wanted to check it out. Not something I can do at home. On that occasion I kept a single bullet as a souvenir, left it in my bag and forgot about it.
  2. Visited the USS Lexington battleship museum in Corpus Christi. On that occasion I bought souvenir dog tags from the onboard gift shop, stamped with a motto of my choosing (“Rise and reverberate”, an old Sisters of Mercy slogan).

So, I’m in Austin airport going through security. Whoop whoop whoop! The bullet in my bag sets off the alarm! Grim faces all around, I’m getting strongarmed towards a search area, when one of the angry dudes manhandling me notices the pretend dog tags around my neck.

Smiles suddenly break out all around and the strong grip on my upper arm turns into friendly slaps on the back. “Good on you, son!” and “God bless!” I am told as I’m put back into the throng, airside of security. I nodded and smiled, they kept my bullet, and that was that!



What?!? Do you hate America?! Do you want the terrorists to win?!? Do you hate FREEDOM?!?!?

Just further proof that the TSA is…well.


In a related story, last time I flew I was sandwiched between two uniformed US troops going through security. Suddenly there was a big panic because the system had detected a round, but for some reason the bag it was in was not clear (something to do with a pocket of the bag overhanging the tray, so the computer overlaid the image on other bags). I got pulled out twice, some old man did, and I was like “Given that you don’t know which bag it was in, do you not think that the two troops fully kitted out in US fatigues might be your first port of call?” Both were never stopped - they headed off unhindered.

I’m glad that it didn’t progress to interview/search/records checks as I did get stopped with a 9mm Luger round (no charge or primer) and a lead musket ball in my pocket, and I’m pretty sure that a record would have been made. If that had come up, I’d probably have been stuck there for hours while they tore my bags apart.

Will make a point of wearing ‘No Tred On Snek - I Am A Troop’ dogtags if I ever travel in America.


This might say something about me, but I can think of several ways do mass mayhem that the TSA seems to have no clue about. Which further reinforces my belief that the TSA and Homeland is completely useless and does nothing but waste money.

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