Butter lamb mania peaks this weekend


Give the ones that look like disasters some credit: they’re really paying tribute to the MAS*H episode Private Charles Lamb.


I read the headline and figured butter lamb was some less known Indo-British dish akin to butter chicken. Quite frankly, that would have made a lot more sense than what I’m seeing here.


I have never, ever heard of a butter lamb. What are these, and why do people make them?


I have seen these in the grocery store, but could never figure out who bought them or why. Definitely a midwestern Usian thing, probably tangentially having something to do with Easter.

Lives again our glorious King, Alleluia!
Where, O death, is now thy sting? Alleluia!
Once he died our butter to keep, Alleluia!
In the form of a woolly sheep! Alleluia!


So, does one use a butter lamb on the table like one would a stick of butter? Sounds weird. I prefer the lamb cake that we go for.

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It put me in mind of the movie Butter.
It seems it is quite a thing.

I know who wins that contest in the end.

Those aren’t wrecks! Its the Easter dog, Easter chick, and Easter moldy ghee (which all make about as much contextual sense as an Easter bunny).

Is there a mold for shaping a Wisconsin cheese log into a lamb? I’d be disappointed if the Mars Cheese Castle doesn’t have one.

It’s a tradition! That’s why!

Once upon a time, when Easter European Catholics migrated to the US, they brought their Easter customs with them. One of the customs was filling a basket with the food items for Easter breakfast after Mass, and getting it blessed on the day before Easter in a big ceremony. The basket would contain butter for bread, often in a lamb shape. This lamb shape is why there are lamb cakes at Easter - one of the names for used for Jesus Christ at Eastertime is “The Pascal Lamb.”

(Yep, I was raised by a Polish-American Catholic family. They have many weird traditions. Some have inexplicably seeped into pop culture.)

That’s not weird at all, very much in line with Easter traditions around the world. Now, equating the risen Christ with a chocolate bunny… that would be weird.


Another Polish-American here (Southern California, family is from Chicago/Poland), we do butter lambs and lamb cakes for Easter brunch. Polish sausage, too!

So delicious.

The Riesen Christ.

So you stick your knife in the butter lamb, then spread its guts all over your bread? To celebrate Easter?


My aunt used to make those cakes every easter and for my birthday…

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