Woman very upset about Easter Bunny in church parking lot


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Sigh. 2000+ years and hundreds if not thousands of different cultures and you are bound to pick up some traditions from those cultures.


What could bring her and Westboro Baptist together?


“Hippitus Hoppitus Deus Domine”


Hm, what shall I protest today? A pagan symbol of spring and the renewal of life for the entertainment of children, or the gruesome image of a man horribly tortured to death?




Well she does have a point, as commonly celebrated, Easter (Christmas too) is loaded to the gunwales with pagan symbols. But she seems to think that’s a bad thing.


The bunny is not biblical.

That’s why it’s obviously the work of Satan!


She said Jesus was crucified for speaking his mind. Maybe he was crucified for screaming his mind and that’s what got him in trouble because I really wanted to crucify her after watching both of those videos. :innocent:


Weirdly, I respect this. I think it’s bonkers, but it’s consistent with the faith and it won’t hurt anyone to do away with Easter Bunnies.


I’m still trying to work up the courage to sing “Santa Claus is Coming to Town” when angry preachers are shouting in my ear at 7am on the subway. Although I did start quietly laughing to myself when the lady who was most recently doing so got to the dregs of her “sin” list and started talking about the sin of weaves and fake eyelashes.



"But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly."
Matthew 6:6

I think today Jesus would add, “…and turn off the GoPro”.

I wanted to put her in a huge wicker effigy and set it on fire, but then I realized that was unkind of me and I just thought about bunnies for a while.


Perhaps she’s only recently seen the Eddie Izzard routine

Bunny rabbits are for shagging and the eggs are for fertility. it’s the spring festival!


She’s an evangelical. They prop the Bible up as some sacred holy writ from God that never changes and never has changed.

Anything that goes against that narrative destroys the entire notion you can steal a book from the Catholics and thus ‘free’ Christianity from the Catholic Church.

Thus science, history, and Easter bunnies are equally heinous threats… All things running counter to a mass delusion fundamental to their identities.

Anything threatening to that paper thin idea is obviously Satan’s influence on the world.

The only other explanation is the one that makes sense… And one where they’d have to rethink everything if it were true. Admit the world is a scary place… And it’s not all about how to die right after all.

You see an Easter Bunny. She sees Satan himself leading the flock astray.


She’s the Reason for the Season!


but in the past the Catholic church ruled that bunnies could be construed as “fish” to get around not eating meat on fridays. (not for the lay folks though)


Beavers were also considered fish because they spent so much time in the water. Hence the ruling that it was okay to eat beaver during Lent, which must have caused some confusion.


You forgot the best part…Easter is the day they celebrate that man becoming a zombie.


Poor lady. There’ll be no Lincoln Log in her sock drawer this year.