Woman very upset about Easter Bunny in church parking lot


Yep. The Walking, Talking Dead.


Well someone sure let Jesus pour the love into her heart.


Apparently Christine Weick has added the Easter Bunny to her no-fly list, along with Monster Energy Drink.


The sentiment, maybe. The methodology? That loses any respect I could have had for her. She’s making the entire rest of the religion look like hate-mongering assholes.


If she were wasting her own time it wouldn’t matter. I don’t care what she has a bug up her ass about, screaming at kids on a Easter egg hunt is dip-shittery all the way. She’s the sort of oxygen thief that causes people to pass permitting laws for public protests.


Same woman? She’s nutters…


Wait. Are we supposed to talk about them like they’re a cannibal cult, or not here…

Wheres the line?


Now the Reverend Hicks is one person I’d like to see resurrected…


Such an Easter basket case.

I like to imagine the conversation that took place prior to the filming. Two people must have come to an agreement to go to the church, to bring a camera and film it, and then to distribute it.


To be fair… She’s representative of a group of hate mongering Christian assholes.

That’s a thing.


A couple of points here are interesting.

  1. Why is she recording herself and posting it? Is she protesting because she cares or because she wants attention?

  2. Of all the things to focus on, she chooses this? Why not go feed some people? Or clothe them? You know, the stuff they say to do in th bible.


Yes, there are a lot of branches of christianity, most of which this is not a good representation of. Those groups you speak of are exactly the type of people who deserve no respect. That was kind of my point.


According to her t-shirt in the second video, she is not a sinner, she is a saint.

Clearly, therefore, she also practices some very different religion from the one that says that all people are sinners, and so the main thing you should do is to love one another and do good deeds.


Haters gonna hate!


I suspect she’s representative of individuals who loathe themselves so deeply that the only way they can live with themselves is to misdirect all that hate outward against the nearest victim and make sure people see it. She’s basically an emotionally stunted child bullying others to cover up her own insecurity. People like that aren’t complicated, just pathetically sad.



You mean they aren’t? [/sarcasm]

I’ve commented before about how there’s a correlation between how loudly American “Christians” assert their Christianity and how little they actually follow the teachings and ideals of their religion. This is a prime example of what I call a “Loud Christian”.


Yes. But they’re in a Confederacy with one another.

Extreme right wing Christian assholes. Super fundie Christians.

Westboro Baptist Church, Worldwide Church of God… it’s not a solo thing.

It’s a branch of Christian theology. One that comes out mean as fuck and preachy in front of people.

The same stuff coming out of her mouth is the same as a particularly awful breed of ‘missionary’ who just harrasses the shit out of people.

Did you not know? This is the shit on TV. There’s the newsletter stuff, which is far more right wing, and more blatantly racist and hatey. Then there’s the emails. And the tapes. And phonecalls and youtube videos. Then theres the more righty then thou crew. They speak the word of the lord when they’re all fired up.

She’s not a troll.

She’s sincere. And representative of a demographic.


She’s right to be upset that it’s not authentic. Needs way more lions.


Anyone want to tell her about Lupercalia? Or do a broader ‘you do realize that basically goddamn everybody since before the invention of dirt has some had sort of springtime fertility-ritual, often with elements that they politely glossed over when summarizing it in school’ survey course?