Buttered coffee company gets $9 million to build coffee shops


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I only feed my butter other butter. It makes the butter taste better.


Saying “just got $9 million” sounds too casual, too coincidental. Like “I just sneezed”. How did he get the money, who thought that adding two ingredients to coffee was worth this sum, and why?


Ah, coffee for crossfitters/paleo.

See above. Trendy people with too much money and not much sense.


Here’s what thus guy is:
Yet another bullshit capitalist interested only in filling his bank account at the expense of everything else. His “science” is largely demonstrable bullshit. His overblown claims of “bulletproof” everything are nothing but marketing copy designed to sell you things you don’t need and that won’t work.
I’ll be very happy when he fades away.


You could have just said “Paleo”.


Yes. Or Crossfit, for that matter.



So ’twas better Betty Botta
Bought a bit o’ better butter.


What exactly is “bulletproof” about this coffee? Do I stuff the coffee grounds into my underwear or what?


If you’re brewing coffee for taste or caffeine, use whatever method you like. However, as soon as you start making health claims, press pot and or metal filter are right out: the effect of diturpenes from unfiltered coffee on cholesterol are very well confirmed in case-controlled studies.


It’s Bulletproof because it’s manly. Manly coffee for manly men, who need the medium-chain triglycerides to conquer the gym and the office.

It’s almost as manly as Powerful Yogurt, the only yogurt manly enough to have abs molded right into the container.


It, uh, fell off the back of a truck. Totally tried to flag them down and give it back.


Thanks for this! It’s too funny. That pic looks like the person is about to feed it directly to their belly button.

I still don’t quite get the “bulletproof == manly” idea. Don’t women also like to avoid being shot, and have abdominal muscles?


butter in coffee…nasty.


The first time I heard of “bulletproof” coffee it was served with a bacon fat floater. KETO


It can be decent, if the coffee and butter are well-chosen.

This joker in the article didn’t invent the idea. Tibetan tea, bod cha, is served with yak butter in it. It’s not much of a leap from there to consider the effect with coffee.

Maybe if the Tibetan restaurant I used to eat at in Middletown was given 9 million dollars instead of being harassed, it would still be there.


You spelled “smart people” wrong.


Wait. Isn’t it still there? I’ve been meaning to get dinner there for 4 years now, only wife is un-interested, and the kids would only want a Happy Meal (“what is this - a ‘Dharma Meal’?!? What am I going to do with a pair of plastic cymbals?”).




Not the one I was thinking of, perhaps? Gosh, could there be two of them?