A barista takes a close look at "Bulletproof Coffee"


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The fats in MCT skip the slow process of stomach digestion and are readily utilised for energy.

Exactly the opposite of what I would want to consume as a diabetic, where slower = better.

Warning: inducing ketosis is not appropriate for insulin dependent diabetics.

That too.


Hmmm… a greasy,fatty, latte…I’ll pass, thanks.


Hey, what if I market my coffee as mold-free? Who’s gonna call me on it?


XKCD: Free


But what about the TOXINS???


Wasn’t David Koresh a self-described bio-hacker?


This is basically just the western take on


OMG teh ToXiNs!!1!1 Nooooooo0ooooooo


But… my magic potion…


Asprey beat you to it: http://www.bulletproof.com/coffee-whole-bean-12oz


Yes I know. And who’s going to bother with the lab analysis? If it’s on the label, it’s true enough for me.


That’s the origin of the name “bulletproof” coffee - in the (terrible) movie Bulletproof Monk, Chow Yun Fat’s character serves the Chosen White Dude Tibetan yak-buttered tea.


The comments section of that blog post is pretty great. Essentially a bunch of butter-coffee advocates telling the writer how they got great results, are now hyper-focused, slimmed up, super beings. But, you know, in a humble way.


Thanks for answering the ‘mold-free’ thing right up front. That was my first question even before the butter and oil bits. Just one more way this stinks like a typical new age diet scam.


I am not particularly a fan of Bulletproof Coffee", as such. But what makes the post less-than-fascinating is that they are de-hyping the stuff by explicitly contradicting what its stated purpose is. It is not meant to be consumed by well-fed people, but rather as a way to sneak some nutrients while otherwise fasting. If people deliberately ignore how it is supposed to be used for weight loss, that’s their own problem.


What are you talking about? I hear people shilling “Bulletproof Coffee” as their breakfast drink of choice on podcasts and such. They aren’t fasting.


Even if true it probably wouldn’t pose much of a health risk considering that coffee is brewed with water heated to boiling temperatures.

Now a line of mold-free cheeses, that would be something.


You can pry my tasty blue cheese curds from my cold dead hands.


The idea is that the MCTs are not processed the same ways that typical carbs and fats are, so that the Bulletproof Coffee is interpreted by the body as having not actually broken the fast incurred by the nights sleep. So instead of seven hours or whatever, a person could be in a fat-burning mode for twelve or more hours before “regular food” is consumed.

Neither I nor they meant hardcore fasting, for a day or more.