Buy a Dash button for $1, get a $5 credit


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I’m glad mindless consumerism is still getting easier and easier!


I’m waiting for the pro model that comes in a 32x32 grid that looks like a McDonald’s order screen. /S



When the first issue of BB was spit out of the photocopier, did you think, someday this will make me a shill for a giant global corporate overlord?


Clearly the kitchen of the future. :smile:




(wtf is flying pizza)


Q: How do you know if something on Boing Boing is a paid blog post?
A: Someone hit the ‘publish’ button.


I dunno, but the flyers I keep getting suggest that I order pizza with wings, so that’s gotta be related.


Once we make cars fly, then everything else will follow?


Do they have one for “give a shit”? Because I’m all out of that.


awww, who’s a littly grump gus today? SAD!

–Trump 2016



For Peet’s sake!

Don’t they sell this in every grocery store now?



I picked up a couple the last time they had a bunch for a $1 so I could do some of the cool hacks with them

Yep. All of them are still in their boxes


In a world where people pay good money to walk around in clothes with corporate logos all over them, I could see walking into a kitchen with all the “dashboard” carefully curated and prominently displayed as a status symbol.


That actually seems seems very likely.

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