Buy Buffalo Bill's home from Silence of the Lambs


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Anyone know how that compares with the rest of the area? That’s a mad amount of space for the money by UK standards, but is it being inflated by the film connection?


It’s reasonable for the suburbs, but it’s way out in the sticks where houses are cheap.


It’s got a caboose pool house!!!


Well, I grew up just down the road from there and the price seems awfully high to me. Boundegar is correct; it’s pretty much out in the sticks (bonus: 24 hour freight trains through the backyard.). RE prices in SW PA are generally still pretty low, but remember that you get a healthy dose of redneck as soon as you step one foot outside the 'burgh.

Interesting tangential fact #1: George Washington came through the area as a young surveyer and liked it so much that he later purchased the land and drew up the street layout for the town. It was built according to his plans after he died.

Interesting tangential fact #2: This area is riddled with (formerly) company-owned coal mining villages that are called patches in the local vernacular. Each patch was a microcosm of some old country town or region, with all or nearly all the inhabitants from the same place in old Europe, and mostly trapped there by being paid in company script and speaking no English. About a mile up the river from this house is a patch called Whitsett which was one of the only “negro” patches in the area, populated by blacks who were part of the Great Migration northward.


But, hypothetically, a pit could be dug, right? Right?


Oh, wait. Was she a great big fat person?


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