Price cut on 'Silence Of The Lambs' House


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Even worse, I don’t think that house actually has a 17-room furnished multi-level basement like in the movie.



Welcome home.


Still 100K more than the other homes you get when you search for Perryopolis, PA. So… go luck with that.


Definitely a different vibe, but when I was househunting in Wilmington, NC, the house that they used for Muppets From Space came on the market and I WANTED it so bad. Sadly it was in a not so good school district. It’s featured in this wonderful video - Brickhouse featuring Miss Piggy - of course!

BTW, one of my favorite soundtracks ever and a fun one to listen to with kids is Muppets From Space.


Buy this place and get a welcome basket of a different sort.

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