CA Gov. Newsom on returning Bruce's Beach to the family it was stolen from

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Very happy they got their property returned, wish it was without the 126,000 gallons oil spill…


Aren’t all beaches in California public property? There have been numerous cases of people suing to gain beachfront access from rich folks who fenced off or otherwise restricted access.

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No, just the part below the mean high tide line. This is about a valuable piece of beachfront real estate that once held a resort open to Black people during an era where few such opportunities existed.

The nearly all-white city of Manhattan Beach illegally siezed the property from a Black family a century ago claiming they desperately needed the land for a park they never built. The city still hasn’t apologized for stealing the land or running all the Black people out of town.

To this day the city is less than 1% Black.


The weird thing is that the city council recently adopted an official history put together by their task force that details these misdeeds:

So they’re on the record saying yeah, they did all this bad stuff for bad reasons. But actually apologizing for it is a step too far.


The spiritual (and likely literal) descendants of the bigots who ran all the Black people out of town aren’t hiding behind white hoods anymore but they are hiding behind the anonymity of a group called “Concerned Residents of Manhattan Beach:

The Task Force’s recommendations met heated opposition in the form of an anonymous media campaign from a group calling itself only “Concerned Residents of MB.” It issued mailers and paid for a two-page advertisement in The Beach Reporter that said Manhattan Beach had been “falsely accused of being a racist city” and that the task force was using race to “grab power.” The group called for disbanding the Task Force and denial of all its recommendations.


people suck


I think the spill was further south, Huntington Beach and IIRC, the current flows south, so I don’t think that Bruce’s Beach will get any of it. But speaking of, I flew just off the coast of SoCal yesterday, and tried snapping some pics of the spill. I didn’t know where it was though, so I just guessed. I got part of HB, but not far south enough. What I did capture was an image of all those container ships sitting, filled with Walmart goodies, waiting for their turn to get into port at Long Beach.
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We’re the unlucky recipients of the suspected, but not quite located yet pipeline leak down here in the OC, but yeah, further south than Long Beach.

I’m pretty sure that a lot of resources will be thrown at it because it’s affecting Newport, Laguna Beach etc… A lot of very expensive coastline properties with a lot of very rich people who donate to politicians. Those of us that live on the other side of the hills will have to drive a bit more north (or south) to go to the beach.


There’s a good chance the two things are related.


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