Caillou cancelled in early victory for 2021

I’ve never understood the hatred people have for this show. It’s bizarre. Teletubbies and Barney – those are horrifying shows. Caillou is just a small kid doing small kid stuff.


Going to put a vote in for Hey Duggee as best kids show…

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This show will reboot as one of the most progressive shows in history because it showed that not all kids are mindless, emotionless drones who obey their parents all the time.
But kids will absorb anything they see on tv and amplify it… giant babies now run the country.

Caillou is made for pre-verbal toddlers - the viewers who would look up to a 4 year old lead character as a role model. Maybe not my thing, but when my kid was 1 this was one of the first shows slow and calm enough for them to start following the social cues in the plot and empathizing with characters, which I always thought was the point.

But I’m confused about why I should be dunking on a show for babies, especially when there’s a lot of kids’ programming that’s a lot more toxic, commercial, or just more poorly made. Besides, there’s decades of episodes to replay so I don’t think this make the world safe for Caillou haters (;


Finally that little f*cker is gone!

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If you don’t know what the fuss is about, you definitely haven’t avoided it in the same way as 2g1c.

I’m going to stop reading this thread, because I have avoided 2g1c in that fashion (never heard of the Caillou fuss for that matter).

After in the 90s, I avoided troll links. There was a website in 2000 that would intermingle death photos every so often with news that was actually fascinating, and I swore off looking at something I didn’t want seared in my brain after seeing the week-old remains of someone who died taking a bath while using an in-tub heater to keep the bath warm. That and the 3-story jumper who was juuuust shy of breaking the skin after pulverizing their innards.

The brains are wonderous, and what we put in them and have them fixate on is important.

I really, really, REALLY wish I could unread the Jolly Rancher reddit story.

Well, you probably have some clue as to what 2g1c is about. And yet none about the Caillou fuss. Which is all I was getting at – people generally have some idea what makes the two girls video horrible.

Never heard of that – gives me a strong Peppa/Ben & Holly vibe. We’ll have to check it out.

My kids are beyond the Caillou age, thank god. If I ever have grandkids I’ll just bump them straight up to Big Mouth, skip the kids stuff. At least then they will have something to talk about with their parents on the way home from Grampa’s place.

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Fair enough! I knew there was a cup? And last year I finally was exposed to the general concept. I think it was much easier to stay away from because the whole point seemed to be to trick people into watching it (with shock videos and such).

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I heartily recommend it :smiley:

And yeah,UK production, so there’s that touch of britishness about it, like Peppa and Ben and Holly.

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Nick, there was so much Brit imported kidvid when mine was growing up, he had a budding proper English accent, and would insist on saying ‘shedule’ for schedule.
Not all of it was great, but a bunch of it was charming enough that I still remember specific episodes.

Gosh, remember when this seemed so important…


Ha! This is exactly what Girlchild called the little whiner.

I’m so happy that my kid was into things like “Yo Gabba Gabba” rather than this horrendous cartoon.
(though I could have done without the Peppa pig little brother that whines just as much)

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Technically though, the best episode of Caillou was actually a Family Guy episode.

My daughter didn’t whine until she started watching Caillou. I hated that kid.


Kids are absolutely amazing mimics, and sponges for that stuff, my kid is growing up bilingual, and she switches between languages in a way that I envy…

Yep. I’m specifically thinking of an episode where the younger sister is teething.

There was a study which purported to show that SpongeBob caused kids to be hyper and wound-up whereas Caillou had a calming effect. At the time, I thought, “yeah sure, but no one in my house overturned a bowl of food onto the floor after they watched SpongeBob.”

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