Cakes with reflective frosting


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:cake: Let Us Eat CAKE :birthday:

I can see myself eating one of these!


Can it help defeat CCTV surveillance?


They say you eat less in front of a mirror


Mmmmmmmmmmmm…spare time


These I like. They are decorative without being overpoweringly ornate. You can eat them without feeling like you are sacrificing an artistic creation to satisfy your gluttony.

Unlike, for instance:


Rosanna Pansino (linked Galaxy Cake video) is kinda creepy. The over exaggerated movements and pronunciations make her look like a robot. The cake looks fantastic though.


I love the cakes, especially the ones with the chocolate silhouette stand-ups. The video of the beribboned woman is on the one hand useful, on the other hand the epitome of everything that DIY enthusiasts struggle against.


For those who can’t watch the video, what’s the trick? Gelatin?


That’s it. In the US it’s called mirror glaze or frosting; en français, glacage mirroir IIRC.


Very pretty. Makes me sad to think that a day later they become poop.

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