Calendar of boring men




Nothing boring at all about a calendar that includes John Richards, the founder of the Apostrophe Protection Society!


But being featured in such a calendar makes them interesting by definition. Do they then explode, like computers forced by Captain Kirk to accept a paradox?


This club is pure joy.


I wondered the same thing. I also wondered if they had to be remarkably more boring than other people to qualify for the calendar - because appearing in it would alter their interest level.


Boring is in the eye of the beholder.


Actually, these guys seem interesting. Nothing like having a passion in life, no matter what it is.


Don’t worry - I was thrilled to find out about these guys!
I just loved the paradoxical nature of choosing the “most boring” to include a photo calendar (far from a boring experience).


Wow, it must have been ten years since I last read about these guys, but I cannot possibly forget the luggage carousel surveys. The new site layout is too exciting. (The old version is still there, but it’s kind of broken.)

The lawnmower collector and hedge photographer look downright interesting.


Competition was pretty tight this year - you’ve really got to blend in to earn your place in the top 12.

A little like the Interesting Number Paradox.


A club who’s members include the guy with the largest traffic cone collection in the world can’t be called “boring”. They all have something interesting about themselves.

This should be like “teenager who grinds WoW all day long” and “guy who goes to work, comes home, watches TV every day”.


Wait, no economists?


How about city stockbrokers?


Haven’t looked yet, are any of them pictured with “boring” erections?
The Pylon Appreciation Society


That’s called priapism.


I don’t think any of the models are named Derreck.


I’ve never really gotten the ‘Interesting Number Paradox’. Okay, sure, 19 is the lowest interesting number; so what? That doesn’t, in fact, make it interesting; it still has no useful factors, still can’t do any tricks, still doesn’t show up in unexpected places.


Does “list of interesting numbers” count as an unexpected place?


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