California may end tyrannical daylight savings


But I love the the excellent prices during daytime hours!

Oh…is this about that clock thing?


I’m shirking my real job to tell you that you’re wholly wrong about that. DST didn’t matter at all to me when I was waking up after sundown anyways. When I have to get up for a 9 to 5 (more or less)? Hellish.


I understand the charcoal briquette industry has been pushing hard for daylight savings - and a prime mover in the extension of it. They’re gonna be pissed


Personally I don’t care what rule we choose, I just wish everyone used the same one. As it is, twice a year I get an email from a VP at my company saying, “The US switches clocks on this day, Europe that day, between these dates the time difference will be one hour longer/shorter than usual” and then you tell the clients that and send calendar invites and people miss meetings anyway.


That’s the least of the problems us programmers have to face…

34 falsehoods programmers believe about time

79 more falsehoods programmers believe about time


Don’t be surprised if Oregon moves in the opposite direction, and chooses to eliminate standard time instead. Aside from the benefit of more light in fall and winter, it would it would be good for business: our (sales-tax free) stores would be open an hour later compared to California.

On a personal note, I’d also like to add that DST runs for most of the year anyway, so why bother going back to the shorter “standard” version? For 2016, DST runs from March 13 to November 6. That’s 7 months, 22 days. Make it official, keep DST as the new standard, call it done.


FTFA: Opponents warned it would burden “housewives” because “the feeding schedule of her children would become disarranged,”

Kids never had a problem with it, but holy-shit-the-cats! Every year, within two days of the DST switch, those kitties are calling the county, ASPCA, lawyers, Gawker…anyone who’ll listen to their tales of extreme abuse at the hands of the horrible bipeds that they’re forced to live with. (Yes – our senior cat’s super power is rhythmic, accented whining.)


My cat is on his own version of daylight savings time. He gets me up to be fed exactly one hour before any time I set my alarm. He is really stretching the limits of the “he’s adorable” / “he’s a nuisance” continuum.


Usually the people who claim to hate daylight saving time are actually confused and think that standard time is daylight saving time.


Fair enough, no argument on that point.


I’d prefer standard time, but fundamentally don’t care what
numbers are assigned to sunrise and sunset. I will wake up
with the light anyway. I just wish we would stop the stupid
custom of changing the clocks 2x a year.


So you actually SUPPORT DST, since DST allows you to leave work with more afternoon sunlight.

Yes. This is a frequent problem…


I feel I should probably point out that if California abandons DST, nobody in California will have any reasonable idea what time it is anywhere else in the country. There are other examples of states that (mostly) do not observe DST, and I can say with certainty that nobody in those states has any frickin’ idea what time it is anywhere else. Because, math. Or something.

If we’re going to abandon DST, it should be nationwide. Carving out an exception for California just makes things more confusing, not less.


pffft you learn to deal. There’s no DST (Okay lies, we’re technically ALWAYS on DST) where i am (Saskatchewan, Canada) and while yes, it’s slightly confusing sometimes to figure out if any particular place is on DST or not, it’s not that big a deal. I agree that everywhere dropping it would be optimal, but one state dropping it is not going to break everything everywhere. It’s a step in the right direction as far as i’m concerned :slight_smile:


aigt now I’m confused, if it’s 4:40pm sunset in December under DST, what would it be under standard?

wait that cant be right, because it -begins- in March… is that right?


We used to change time with Europe, but then the Bush Administration decided to extend DST, so now there’s this awkward extra couple of weeks that are off every year.


Under daylight savings time, the sun rises an hour later than it “should” under standard time, and sets an hour later than normal. So your 5pm sunset in December would become a 6pm sunset, were daylight savings time applied all year around. (But an 8am sunrise would become a 9am sunrise).

Were daylight savings time abolished, as is proposed, then nothing would change in December, but in June, the sun would be rising at 5am (if it’s 6am under daylight savings) and would set at 7pm (if it’s 8pm under daylight savings).

So the real question is which is more desired: sun in the evening, or sun in the morning.


I live in Arizona, which does not subscribe to that Communist plot called DST. We get along just fine, but we do have to remember that California is an hour behind us in the winter, and at the same time in the summer. This would alleviate that one difficulty in life.

It use to actually matter to me, working in an company where most of my coworkers lived in San Diego. I could stay in bed for an extra hour every morning in the winter.




What’s a real job?