An ode to Daylight Saving Time and lazy parenting


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It’s not an ode to DST, it’s an ode to DST going away.


Once I had kids I started hating the end of DST, because my kids wake me up an hour earlier.


DST forever!


While the extra sunlight in the evening is nice I like the extra sun in the winter mornings more but mostly I feel just pick one and quit fucking making me change the clock.


Hear hear!


I try, honestly I do, but I just cant get any daylight saved.


Lets split the difference and stay there all year.

But to be fair, we do spend two-thirds of the year on DST, so maybe a proper compromise would be to set the clocks back twenty minutes on Sunday and then leave them alone forever.


I don’t change clocks anymore. If it doesn’t change itself, it doesn’t get changed until the power goes out or someone else gets annoyed.

I could do with two fewer bouts of insomnia a year though.


yeah…once you have kids, everything is opposite: fall, which used to be nice for you, is now terrible. Spring, which used to be bad for you, is now good. I always ask my wife–is this switch good or bad for us?


Not me. Only now, right around Halloween, is the sun not-quite-up when I get up at 6:45. Having an hour more daylight before I get up is totally wasted on me. I need that hour at the end of my day. If I really need to get some work done outside before 7:00 AM, I’ll damn well pack a flashlight.

The sun going down before 5:00 PM in December is horseshit.



Soft southern shandy. Ask @miasm what time the sun goes down in Dec. :wink:


These days, yeah. When I worked on set and had to be in Culver City standing near the honeywagon at 4:42 AM, those days can kiss my tired ass. That’s why I work in Post these past sixteen years.[quote=“daneel, post:12, topic:88664”]

Ask @miasm what time the sun goes down in Dec.

I’ve seen it in January in Edinburgh! I’m not entirely sure the sun ever did completely come up. (It was, like, 9:15 or something.)


I have a jar of it from last summer, I think it’s in the basement.


I can’t figure it out. They never smell like honey or wagons.


Nice in the summer when it doesn’t go down until 11pm, though.


The jargon and its mythical etymology never fails to entertain me. Honeywagons, best boys, gaffers, C47s, elephant doors, snoots, gobos, vanities, tailsticks, martinis, the Abby Singer…

Still don’t miss those long-ass hours, though.


Yep. DST all the livelong year, sez I.


I’d move the clocks to (at least) double DST in the winter. I couldn’t care less about the one week in Nov I get of vague twilight on the drive to work. Give me light when I’m on my own time please.


I was living in Indiana before they adopted DST. I’m all for daylight savings going away, but only if everyone does it. I don’t miss the days of trying to figure out if we were in the same timezone as Chicago or as Cincinnati, and when are we in the same time zone as Louisville?