Samoa scraps daylight saving time, it's time for the rest of the world to follow suit

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Such declaratory statements. Just wrong, though. I quite like the extra hour or daylight of a summer evening. Who gets up at three am to see the sunrise, anyway? Perhaps the world would be better if everyone used UTC. It’s just a matter of perspective, anyway.


I don’t want the switch back an forth - I want it to STAY on daylight savings time. Why does “Standard Time” start so god damn early?


Here in CA, we voted to eliminate it two three* years ago, only to then be told “the process is more complicated than that…”

*(Fucking COVID made time all ‘slippery’ in my mind, so sue me.)


People do realize that the sun remains in the sky for the same amount of time no matter what they do with their clocks, right? It’s a darn silly practice if you ask me.

For those who want to work around the schedule of the sun it makes more sense to just make seasonal adjustments to one’s schedule or business hours as needed.


Meanwhile, in Brexitland where the Tories are talking about abandoning the metric system to assert their freedumb from Europe, they’re probably considering adding more time shifts and zones.


American Samoa has never observed DST.


It seems to be implied by the OP that Samoa isn’t going back to Standard Time in November, and is simply staying in DST ongoing.

But what really happened is back in April they simply didn’t do DST to start with. So they’ve been not-observing it for months now.

I agree that I’d prefer to stay in DST year round; I love the extra sunshine during working hours.


Yes. Me too.

It probably depends where you live though. I am in the Northeast US, right on the coast, so it gets dark at 4pm in the winter (I am also not a morning person, so I feel twice as robbed of daylight).

BUT when I visit relatives in Florida at Xmas it’s further west so the sun goes down later, AND the days are slightly longer because it’s further south, so it seems more “normal” to me.


while we’re at it:


This gets confusing calling it “permanent DST”. Can we just say that they changed to a different timezone instead?


Last time this came up I learnt that US already switched to DST year round previously, and apparently weren’t happy enough with it to keep it that way.

I’m with Mark… I didn’t used to care much about DST and changing clocks, but I have younger children in the household. Twice a year their sleep schedule is screwed up for about a week after we adjust the clocks and I’m pretty over it.


I’m scraping daylight savings time, Right Now!


That’s beyond my ken.

Back during Bush Jr’s administration here in the US, sometime in the aughts, the Repubs had this grand idea that to save energy (like oil and such), we should make DST (ie, Summer Time) start one week earlier in the year and end one week later in the year, so we did it. I wonder how that worked out? Geniuses, they all are.

I’m pretty sure your “CA” is California, not like .ca, or Canada. In any event, that was Proposition 7 in 2018. It actually read something like how California’s legislature would adopt year-round DST if the federal government did. Had to do with an older voter-passed law and how voter-passed laws need consent of the voters to be changed. Yeah, it was more complicated than Hey, let’s do DST all year!

My take is to do away with DST altogether and just go with standard time year round.


Any measure which would prevent children’s walking to school in freezing pitch darkness, and folks driving/riding to work in same would be beneficial.

ETA: What’s the bleeding point of DST anywhere the Sun shines 15+ hrs/day anyway? Jamaica doesn’t use DST - they’re close to the equator and the Sun shines around 20 hrs/day even during winter :wink:


Then there’s Arizona; we’ve gotten used to telling our out of state vendors when we are scheduling meetings that we are using UTC-7 for time, or ‘arizona time’ as it were. (I used to tell people that it was Mountain standard time, but that was apparently confusing, so I started using the UTC convention, with a fallback to ‘arizona time’ as appropriate. (and even then I still have to tell people “yes, it’s currently x o’clock here”…)


I think she knows where she lives.


That isn’t great for us Northerners.



Communities should consider simply not waiting around any longer, it’s pointless, and simply begin changing over on their own. Sometimes experiments actually work. Imagine if that was successful how many in positions of authority it would freak out.

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