California may end tyrannical daylight savings

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No, no. Keep daylight savings, year round.

Every fall when the clock shifts back to standard time it feels like someone turned off the sun because it sets so damned early in the day. The tyrrany to end is the shift to standard time.


Totally down with this, but do away with it after the clocks are moved forward.


This. Totally this. Who the FUCK through standard time should start when it does?

You know what a BITCH it was delivering papers after school when you lost an hour of day light?


Another vote for this. Hell, I’d run for office myself on just this single issue.

The sun going down at 4:00 PM is positively unAmerican. And people who need sunlight to milk their cows at 5:30 AM in November can damn well buy a lantern.


The last time the clocks were moved back and I gained an hour, I lost it trying to put the clock back on the nail.


Smash imperialist DST. Then overthrow the corrupt leap-second cabal of GMT/UTC. All glory to TAI!


Having worked in downtown Toronto amid the flurry of cube dwelling commuters and all the other elements of the centre of the centre of the universe, I can definitely attest to DST making SAD worse.

People look like they want to die when they’re glancing between the clock and the setting sun at 4pm on a dark grey winter day.

But I’ve never cared myself, don’t even know if ending DST would make the sun set any later in the winter.

Would the sun still set at 4pm when it does now in winter, or would it be 5pm? (or 3pm? IDFK)


People who hate Daylight Savings are essentially a subset of people who don’t have real jobs. If having to change the time on your VHS twice a year is so traumatic to you, just have your grandkids do it.


And if California does it, it’s only a matter of time before Oregon and Washington follow suit. Cascadia FTW!


Hahahah This is exactly what we do where I live :slight_smile: We’re effectively constantly on DST, as i believe the sun is always at its highest point at 1 in the afternoon here.

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Ending DST wouldn’t affect the winter. Ending standard time would move sunset back to 5pm in your example. Which is why DST is better.

Give us light in the evenings, don’t waste it on mornings (and I already start early, so nobody tell me to get up earlier).


That does it. Now you’ve got my vote!


Oh but see that would be better then, the gripe is that it’s dark when they get to work and dark when they leave. Getting to leave with more light in the sky than otherwise would be an improvement.

Now, it’d be worse for travel on those days, having the sun setting near quitting time is one of the best way to wreck cars.

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I didn’t understand either, until I went ahead and looked it up. If we got rid of the shift, we have two options:

Wake up in summer a few hours after the sun,
Burn our electric light bulbs a lot more evening hours.

If you sleep til noon anyway, the first one sounds fine, but it would mess up a lot of people - especially night workers.

See, I’m a 4:30 AM riser – I’d be delighted to have some honest daylight by 6.

See, you’re the sort we’d be chasing after with pitchforks… if only we could see you in the morning dark.


I have never understood people who want this…If you want to get up at the same time relative to noon everyday, you can just get up earlier in the winter. Now you are on “daylight savings time” all year long. If, like some farmers, your day is tied to the actual time of sunrise and sunset, than what difference does the clock make? Most people’s schedules are only loosely tied to sunrise and sunup. For them, it is somewhat useful for the clock to be better correlated to sunrise than a fixed clock. Whether “somewhat useful” justifies the dislocations and confusion of daylight savings time is a good question to ask, but if you simply want to get up earlier than do it. There’s no reason to decide that 11:00am is the new noon.


And I always thought it was the people without real jobs who liked DST. Having to change your well established work imposed sleep schedule twice a year is a problem for working stiffs like myself. Soon I will have to wake up an hour earlier to get to work on time. Intellectually that’s easy enough but my sleep cycle doesn’t pay any attention to what my intellect does.


Waking up before the sun was always more miserable to me than an once a year adjustment to getting up earlier. I now live without daylight savings time in the shuffling off this mortal coil with a minimum of dignity state, and I can’t say I derive any value from it. Mind you, I still work for a CA firm, so half the year I’m on their time and half they year I’m off of it, which is more annoying that just being a consistent hour off from my colleagues.