Samoa scraps daylight saving time, it's time for the rest of the world to follow suit

I’m all for stopping changing the clocks. But, if they’re not changed to permanent DST, then I won’t support it.

Why? Because Standard Time sucks, that’s why. Who the hell wants it to get dark early?


For those who want to work around the schedule of the sun it makes more sense to just make seasonal adjustments to one’s schedule or business hours as needed.

Only if everyone else does, too. And I mean everyone. If business hours aren’t also ubiquitously changed, then there’s no point to “going your own way.” Nobody lives in a vacuum. We still would have to interact with businesses and people who are on a 9-5 schedule (or whatever).

9-5 is still 9-5 no matter what the timezone is.


If your business really does revolve around which hours the sun is in the sky then it doesn’t really make sense to have a system that doesn’t account for latitude anyway.

The mid-winter sun doesn’t set at the same time in Maine as it does in Key West.


If your business …

It’s not my business, it’s the fact that I still have to interact with and do business with other businesses, and I can’t control their schedules. Again, nobody lives in a vacuum.


But the whole rationale for Daylight Savings Time is that it ensures people will have the sun in the sky for the portions of the day when it’s most important to have daylight. I’m saying that justification is stupid, in part because different people in the same time zone may have sunrises and sunsets that are hours apart.


IMO, we should go back to proportional hours, so we’ll always have 12 hours of sun and 12 hours of night. Winter comes, a daytime hour is shorter and a nighttime hour is longer, and vice-versa in Summer (depending on latitude of course). I am sure that would cause no chaos :wink:


Amen and amen, hallelujah.


In British Columbia there is some sort of mandate to change … IF there is some coordination with Washington, Oregon and California. So hurry up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Do you not go to local restaurants or the local grocery stores? Local dry cleaners? Local post offices? Local coffee suppliers? Local shipping offices? Local law offices? Local libraries? Local credit unions? etc.? These are all places I’ve been to in person during the last two weeks. If I’m off on my own time schedule, it won’t change the fact they all still have their working hours. If I want to interact with and do business with these entities, then I have to adhere to their schedule, not mine.

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Why does it make any more sense for business hours to be dictated by when the sun rises or sets than it does to just set the middle of the work day to when the sun is highest in the sky? Especially given how much sunrise and sunset vary by season and latitude?

Daylight Savings Time is stupid. For person the practice helps there are far more people who it inconveniences for no tangible benefit.


I wish that there was some easy way to see which latitude people lived at with these comments.

I’l start. I grew up at 55°N and have never lived south of 51°N. I’ll happily accept year round standard time, but will strongly object to year round DST.


When you’ve convinced all those businesses to change their schedules, then get back to me.

The vast, vast majority of business wouldn’t HAVE to change their schedules if we got rid of daylight savings time. They can just keep the same business hours year round and leave the clocks alone. Or not, it’s up to them.

If, as is often dubiously asserted, specific business models like farmers need to adjust their schedules to adjust for daylight hours then they are certainly free to do so.


Good point. I currently live at 30ºN; I’ve never lived north of 35ºN, and I have utterly no desire to do so (no offense intended). I’m year-round DST all the way.

So, I think what we need is a fixed time (no clock changes), but with timezones adjusted by latitude, somehow.

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Whats the problem? Sure its dark when you get up, but light when you get home.

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Not really, but civil twilight is a lot less scary to walk around or use public transport in than nautical twilight.


Oregon and Washington, too. Just waiting on the Feds to finalize it.


China doesn’t use time zones. Everybody uses UTC+08:00.

(wikipedia’s inset graphic is obsolete, as of 1949)


Down with Daylight Saving Time. Up with Mean Solar Time. The sun should be high in the sky at noon!!!

Next, my push for Local Apparent Time so my sundials will all be spot on without any tricky latitude adjustments for the offset from the center of a time zone or need for an Equation of Time… :thinking: