Samoa scraps daylight saving time, it's time for the rest of the world to follow suit

How do they manage that? We’re also close to the equator, and we have pretty constant 12-13 hours of daily sunshine all year round. (And when the sun goes down here, it goes down fast.)

I’ve only experienced 20 hour days when I lived in Norway. And those had an unpleasant winter counterpart.


I was going to chime in with my AK perspective but you beat me with Norway. Timezones have never felt so arbitrary as they did during my first winter/summer cycle living at 61.22 N.


I do!

And coincidentally enough, I don’t actually require a guy to restate exactly what I’d already asserted previously in order for my statement to be valid.

Word, let’s hope it’s not in vain…


Permanent DST scares me. I live farther north than 95% of Canadians. I’m used to getting off work at dark. Don’t take away my hour of sunlight during the morning. The current 4 p.m. sunsets aren’t ideal, but proposed 9 a.m. sunrises can fuck right off.


I want permanent standard time. DST always makes me feel like I have to get up too early. Also 9am sunrise in winter would suck. Permanent DST is better than the shifts we have in some ways, but that feeling of always waking up too early sucks.


As someone who lives about 5 miles from the next time zone, I know exactly what you mean.


I gather Ontario would do the same if only Quebec and New York would agree to come with us.

I wish we could all use China time. No time zones.
“Well around these parts, folks get up around 13:00 and go to bed at 05:00. That’s just how we live life here, up with the sun!”
If you have to call someone across the country/globe you still have to do the math to figure out what time it is there, so what difference does it make?


Standard time, yes please. Be careful about what people try to do. Too often, people try to make it so that permanent DST, not Standard Time, is what gets implemented. That’s what happened here in Calif (but not really).

Yes! Fucking stop the madness…NOW!

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Grew up at 49°N-ish, lived at 48°N, 65°N, currently living at 60°N-ish.

I agree. Well. Actually I want things to stay as they are, with winter time for a bit of light and summer time for long summer nights.

I have a feeling the fact that even the northern parts of the lower 48 are crazily far South is influencing the debate here. I mean, Maine is about as far North as Turin…


(embedded on swatch’s own website: INTERNET TIME)

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I live about 49°N and would be quite happy to be on our DST time zone year-round, but I’m also on the western edge of the time zone. I guess I can see how people on the eastern edge might be less enthusiastic.

Does China – or I guess more accurately, the US – have a version of Yakov Smirnov yet?

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56°N here, and grew up even further north.

They tried moving the clocks forward an hour here back in the 70s. More children died in traffic going to school in the dark mornings. They put the clocks back again.

Also, I think I’ve said this before, but search can’t find it- The entire reason we have any form of daylight saving is because it’s easier to get the entire country to change their clocks twice a year than it is to get me to get out of bed an hour earlier.


but y’all already knew that.

also, to whomever stated that Jamaica gets 20 hours sunlight a day is, sadly, misinformed. Jamaica never gets more than 12.5 hours sunlight in June/ July, the time that northern hemisphere gets the most sun. close to equator, closer to 12 hour days/ nights you get year-round. my time in Central America (from Belize to Oaxaca) during all parts of the year inform me of this.
edit: I see that @d_r and @gremlin have already said this


I’m currently at 21.3°N, have lived as far north as 59.5°N.


It was really rough moving to the US and dealing with the dark winters and daylight savings. It’s been seven years and I still don’t feel adjusted.

There’s no real good reason to do this to ourselves and we know it.

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I prefer daylight saving time - especially up here in the NW where it gets dark too damn early during standard time. That being said I’m fully on board with “pick one and FFS stick with it!”

(Also a special pedantic thanks to Mark for calling it the correct “daylight saving time”.)


I play a MMORPG where some events happen at a fixed time, based on the server time. The server is in the other hemisphere to me. My time difference to server can be 17, 18 or 19 hours depending on daylight saving status at either end. And the damned game does not display server time anywhere on screen within the game!

I built a spreadsheet.