California police find street gang's underground lair


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hah hah then they went out and brutally murdered some citizens for not having the right skin color. hurrah for the police stopping people having underground lairs!


looks like MJ had a view into the future.


At first I thought the title was, “California police street gang’s underground lair,” and I was not surprised.




“We are the champions at Hide n Seek and no manhole will help you…” the police wrote on Facebook. “We strongly recommend that you put as much effort as you did in your underground cave, into becoming a productive member of society. You will thank us later for this advice.”

Ugh. This should have been an easy “win” for the police. Then they have to go an issue statement that amounts to the most arrogant, obnoxious, holier-than-thou bullshit I’ve seen all day. No wonder people root for the bad guys.


Once I read it was in Fontana this story began to make a lot more sense.




and a US flag hanging in one corner.

I know people that’ll vote for them.


Sure hope they have proper ventilation for that.


becoming a productive member of society.

Like a cop, for instance? And just what do they produce?


Every couple of years, I’d check out the Smithsonian collection of newspaper comics.

I remember this one comic where the thieves had built their underground lair with a lions den across the front. To get into the main hideout you’d have to get the guy inside to push a tunnel made of iron bars across the lions den, thus preventing the caged beast from eating you.


Also, now they know you know. Not a great strategy for busting the gangs. Anyone who has watched a modicum of TV could tell you that.


So they’d rather the “arsenal”
be above ground, on the street?
Now the police will use this as a
“justification” to search someone’s
home…in “suspicion of an underground
Man Cave”.


Foosball tables, dart boards, novelty beer signs and 30 year old couches hardest hit.


Which would all be classified
as “dangerous weapons”,
then removed from Man Cave
for “Public Safety” …
Then hastily transported to Police Headquarters,
where it is placed “into evidence”
(Except for the couch…of course!)


Granted, it looks like they didn’t even need to roll a d20/spot to find the door.


A long trail of donut crumbs, minority beatings, and self righteous platitudes about the glory of following the law, I suppose. Yech.


I’ve heard of these guys: The Hole in the Floor Gang.