California State lawmaker Miguel Santiago says he's a Democrat, but he's single-handedly killing state Net Neutrality

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The Rebel State of California will never allow Net Neutrality to be killed.


(sigh) As the Republicans destroy their brand, we will only see more of Santiago’s ilk. Declared Democrats shilling for predatory monied interests is what we’ll watch for.


The Democrats in desperation have voted too many who most of their values is republican than democrat

If Democrats take any house , they will never be able to vote any Gun laws , or get any laws for that matter



Follow link to your rep!


honestly net neutrality is too new and nuanced to be part of a party platform.

once you understand it though, it becomes obvious that without net neutrality there will only be a few major players in the industry and the innovation on the web we’ve seen for the last 25 years will slow down.


Communications sent to both of my CA reprehensibles (one of the state’s red areas). I’m sure I’ll get a disingenuous form letter back telling me passive-aggressively how I’m wrong but they know best, but dammit, I had to try!


Does being a Democrat magically make one immune from the influence of telecom cash?


Looks like this fella just ruined it.

It’s a bit funny to see a site (a person) who frequently wants members of one party (Republicans) to resist the party line doctrine, suddenly become shocked(!) at the apparent audacity of a member of a different party daring to not follow what is supposed to be a party line.

Party-line voting is crap no matter which party is doing it.

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Looks like there’s still Kevin Hee Young Jang, the other Democrat running against him this fall.

I’m nowhere near LA, but I know how I would vote if I lived there.

I’m trying to decide whether it’s ironic or unsurprising that One Wilshire (occasional candidate for Most Connected Building On the Planet) is square in the middle of his district (downtown LA).

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Pretty sure that’s why the already-established megacorps hate net neutrality. Yes, this is rhetorical, I know you know that. :slight_smile:


I wish this guy would run for office in Mexico

Sounds like a pretty typical Democrat to me. There’s more who’re like him than not.

Y’all realise that the Democrats run a planned roster of villains, right?

When the Dem donors want to kill a bill that the base supports, they don’t just order the whole party to vote against it. They work out how many Dem votes are required for the desired outcome, then instruct the leadership to provide that many votes.

If they need five votes, then five Dem reps will vote that way. If they need ten votes, then ten will.

And, when possible, they spread those unpopular votes around so that no one member becomes too obviously bought, and distribute them to districts where they think they can get away with it.

It maintains the appearance of a party in opposition to their bastardry, while achieving the effect of corporate control. But the problem is with the whole party, not just whoever voted the “wrong” way in any particular instance.


That’s a compelling conspiracy theory, but do you have any evidence beyond cynicism?

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I’d be more inclined to characterise it as “an accurate perception of how US politics has pretty much always worked”, but no: it isn’t the sort of thing on which you can easily provide documentary proof.


It must be beautiful to be a multibillion dollar company and know you can buy slash completely corrupt a legislator for the low, low price of $60k. If these legislators would only sell themselves dear, I’d have some respect for them. But perhaps the long game is when they resign and take a position in AT&T itself? Ajit Pai’s next position is obviously CEO of Verizon.


Wow Boingers,
It must really sting to see somebody with a ‘D’ after their name not supporting net neutrality. It doesn’t matter if it’s a ‘D’, ‘I’, ‘R’, ‘C’, or ‘G’.

It doesn’t matter which letter you pick from the alphabet soup because we still have the best government money can buy.:grinning: