The Senate's Net Neutrality vote split on party lines, with three Republican exceptions


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I hope the Dem make this a wedge issue come November. This and legalized weed.


But of course my Senator, Orrin Hatch voted to kill net neutrality, because it’s just tubes and pipes. The stupid fuck! You hear me Orrin? You STUPID FUCK!


I don’t think he can hear you since his ear isn’t pressed to the tube.


Thanks, Senate Democrats!


Jeff Flake (what a name!) is AZ not UT.


Color me shocked. I thought this was a pro forma thing just to get everyone on record. I never thought it would get anywhere.


Ya gotta admit, it fits :wink:


It goes deeper than that. If you check his bio, he grew in Snowflake, AZ. He’s a flake through and through!


No difference between the parties, my arse!


Roger That! We read you 5 x 5.


It gets even better. The surname etymology is apparently German of topographic origin, meaning “One who grew up / came from a swamp”.

Oh god my sides


Thank you!


Jeff Flake [R-AZ, who is quitting but didn’t have the guts to stick up for Net Neutrality];

He may not be running for re-election, but he’s probably planning to go on living. In fact, that vote may have landed him a juicy job on K street.


This is pathetic! People’s livelihoods (indeed who even has paper employment forms anymore, let alone businesses that require internet connections for customers) are not like some sporting event where people can choose arbitrary sides. There are REAL consequences to these decisions and in a clear case of protecting the public, which is the paramount responsibility of selected representatives who are supposed to be upholding the social contract, to vote along party lines for, what, a sense of inclusiveness? Camaraderie? in violation of the sense of social good, is a violation of reason and common sense measures. Indeed, it seems that politics do not center on validity of evidence; only that a person is a “team player” regardless of the consequences to those they have sworn to protect. I can choose not to play or take an interest in sides within a sporting venue but I can’t avoid decisions made along party, and thus the same reasoning, which effect my every day life and those of everyone around me!


In the pipe?


right. Now we get to put all of congress on the record, which will likely be a lot more meaningful in flipping seats.


In the phrase “provided that Congress and Trump agree”, “Congress” should be replaced by “the House of Representatives”. Congress is comprised of the House and the Senate.


His ear needs to be pressed to a tube alright

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