California's classic black license plate is back!

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Whoa! That takes me back.


I’m putting them on a motorcycle.


My registration is up in Sept. for my motorcycle, I will get these for sure!

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When I was a kid my mom’s car had the black and yellow, but my dad’s car was a couple of years newer and had the blue and yellow. Coincidentally, I was both a Rams and Steelers fan; the two plates fit the two teams’ color schemes beautifully.
After “Madame Ram” Frontieri moved them out of town, I completely lost interest in the Rams, but I still love the Steelers (that waste of skin Roethlisberger notwithstanding), so I’m happy to see the black plate coming back. My current plate is a bizarre Web 2.0 BS thing with the DMV website address on it; I don’t understand what they were trying to achieve there.

Well, the reflective yellow paint is a bit of a bummer. I’ve been wanting to get these for my Cougar (which, though a 1970 model, was first sold in December 1969), but the DMV wouldn’t let me. Now that just anyone can get 'em…

Aw, hell, I still want 'em. But a set with the old 3 letters, 3 numbers configuration of old. Somehow getting black plates that read 7UKD484 just will look wrong.

@jlw, you oughta see if you can get OFP857 for your Westy. :wink:

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I believe the Vintage 60s Plates take up to 6 characters for cars and 5 for motorcycles.

Mine had 011PIW on it. 1970 with the “AutoStick” Had almost as much personality as Herbie.

One of the things I liked about the old Year Of Manufacture program (the one where the car couldn’t be a 1970 model) was that you had to go out on eBay or a swap meet or somewhere and buy your own pair of used black plates that weren’t being used on a car anymore, and the DMV would reassign them to your car. They still have that program, but I’d have to use blue plates, and well… those just kinda suck. Not as badly as the sunset plates from the 1980s, but close.

I’ve seen a couple of black-plated new cars on the freeway in the last couple of weeks. That reflectorized yellow looks weird.

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Can you get them with a Confederate flag? Oh, wait… wrong thread.

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I haven’t seen the black plates yet and while I love the idea for my bike, I do not want to attract people to be staring at the plate trying to read it. I feel they are likely to run me over. I’m pretty used to people wanting to take photos of my license plates in the car, some just get up far too close. MLP’s are tiny in comparison and hard to read. I’d never personalize one. Imagine that? OCOCO would get you killed.

I love the blue and yellow. Yes, I think the 1970 bug had those, not the black because it was a 70. I thought i could take the old black plates off the Speedster, cause I had both (you gotta have both) and assign them to any car I wanted tho. I didn’t realize it was still decade specific.


Del Close?

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Dang, and they’re even going to be authentically, organically, and artisinally made by people in California prisons for minor drug offenses, just like the old ones. Black license plates made by black people. So authentic.

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My VW Rabbit Pickup is rocking the originally sunset plates. I’m waiting to get new ones, although I think I can get “replicas”.

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