Camel's milk: Can it get over the hump and become the next big superfood?


I wouldn’t want to be the guy who’s got to milk camels.


Hilarious, $18/pint. I can’t wait until someone starts selling canned air at Whole Foods. It will be wildly successful.

Gaddafi used to love him some camel milk, and look at what happened there.

Gaddafi would arrive at summits of Arab leaders in a white limousine
surrounded by a bodyguard of nubile Kalashnikov-toting brunettes. At one
non-aligned summit in Belgrade, he turned up with two horses and six camels;
the Yugoslavs allowed him to graze the camels in front of his hotel – where
he pitched his tent and drank fresh camel milk – but refused to allow him to
arrive at the conference on one of his white chargers. Several of the camels
ended up in Belgrade zoo.

You know, most Americans can find less expensive milk. It might be the next big superfood! (But not if you’re lactose intolerant.)

Hell, I’m still not sold on the idea that humans should be drinking cow milk.

And maybe I’m being needlessly paranoid, but this is an oddly positive post to have a big “but it miiiight give you a nasty respiratory syndrome” asterisk right in the middle. Any Desert Farm sponsorship we should be aware of?

Little girl is sad because she doesn’t want the next big superfood.


Wait, what?

Did you mean to post this in the Huffing Boing Boing thread?

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But Daaaad, do we have to keep all this fun confined in that thread?

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Well, actually, no :stuck_out_tongue:

Be as funruly as possible :wink:

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make it in to cheese and ice cream, if you can do that and lower the price it will happen.

Why would Whole Foods start selling office supplies?

Is “raw pasteurized” something new, or a typo? Even before I got to the bit about MERS the big RAW unpasteurized claim on the label gave me pause.

I have to admit that I’ve been curious about kumis and kefir for a long time though.

Yeah. Raw unpasteurized milk is only an acceptable product when there’s no way to boil it.

I don’t eat steak raw, and I don’t eat chicken legs raw for the same reason I think raw milk is a stupid idea. Flash pasteurization gives 5 nines reduction in harmful bacteria, and doesn’t significantly alter milk’s nutritional value. There’s no point in foregoing the process. The only people who want you to drink raw milk are the producers trying to get a cut from the spread of the naturalistic fallacy.

It’s sad that technology and food safety are starting to become victims of their own success. People back in the early and mid 20th century got sick all the time from contaminated food. We used science to make food much safer. Nowadays practically nobody gets sick from food and most people think that’s the way it always was back in caveman times. Then they start to suspect our food safety measures are what’s causing cancer and heart disease and other diseases that are caused most often by aging and obesity, and nobody takes the time to read the statistics.




Pasturization: As effective as mixing in a bottle of hand sanitizer, but without the unpleasant taste

and blindness

People can sell anything, but nobody’s buying it.

100% avoidance is one way to be safe. 100% more education on safe handling and preparation is the other.

To each their own.

I just see it as a cost-benefit trade-off. I could pay more for raw milk, which has been handled through 100% sterile process, and have a low or very low chance at getting getting sick from whatever bacteria is already in it because it came directly from the cow. Or I could pay less for milk from those same cows, that’s been pasteurized and has an infinitesimal chance of infecting me with any bacteria at all. The nutritional differences are so small they’re negligible. Any deficiency in pasteurized milk is easily made up for with the rest of my diet, why take the chance with raw milk?

It’s the same for vaccines. Practically nobody in the US gets bacterial meningitis (Wikipedia says ~2600 cases/year in the US), but it’s a stupid risk to not get vaccinated anyway, since the risk of harm from vaccines is orders of magnitude smaller than the risk of harm from contracting bacterial meningitis.


Raw steak from a good butcher is pretty low-risk. You’re more at risk from a badly-cooked take-away than a steak tartare and it’s (IMO) one of the world’s great dishes. It’s not something that many people eat regularly and pretty much requires top-notch ingredients. Done properly, it’s as safe as the side-salad.

Raw milk still warm from the cow is also a unique experience and should be tried if the opportunity arises but flash-pasteurizing is so effective it’s worth the drop in flavour when we use milk on a daily basis.

Absolutely this. I’m waiting for a home food-irradiater so that I can make my own chicken/pork/salmon sashimi, all neatly transglutinased together. :smiley: