Cameron Crowe on the 20th anniversary of "Almost Famous"

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Fucking A. The more i learn about this movie the more i love it, i’ll have to read the whole thing later today :slight_smile:


I remember when he wrote for Rolling Stone.

They really played up his young age.

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i have to take exception to his assertion that “Tiny Dancer” wasn’t that big of a song before that movie. it’s just impossible. I remember it from an episode of WKRP in the 80s, which is why the show played it – it had to have been a hit in the 70s. they use the song in the movie in the first place because everyone knows and loves it.


It peaked in the US at #41 on the Billboard 100, and #35 on the Billboard Adult Contemporary. It didn’t get certified “Gold” until 4 years after the movie came out.

I’d say the movie gave it a boost for sure.

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It got airplay here in the seventies, but they say we had an unusual market.

It probably did okay, except his other songs did so much better that “Tiny Dancer” is less known, or was less known.

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hmm, interesting. but the movie was considered a box office flop, and took more than those four years to gain its appreciated, cult status (and thus boost the song) didn’t it? it’s kind of a chicken or the egg scenario, i guess: did the popularity of the movie boost the song, or did the popularity of the song boost the movie? (or both!)

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