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It’s like driving past one of those sprawling, half-overgrown junkyards in the middle of nowhere, and noticing that buried among the hundreds of classic cars (foreign and domestic), derelict tractors, broken gas pumps, and unnameable rusting equipment… there’s also a Huey helicopter, the fuselage of a DC-10, and parts of the Titanic.

May that page live forever.


Different Cameron.


Before reading the post I thought it was going to be about the dystopian world David Cameron would like us to live in.


Puts me in mind of the Geocitiesizer, as featured on BoingBoing a few years back.


That’s this world… :wink: Of course, he doesn’t want us all to live here… he probably has plans for “undesirables”…


Oh yay. Loud autoplay MIDI, just what I needed.

I suppose it’s faithful to the original, at least.

EDIT: My God so many animated doodads!


Is somebody going to preserve Blingee?
Nevermind… Blingee Lives On!


This needed a trigger warning.



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