Can a bobby pin be traded up to a house? A woman on TikTok is trying to find out

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Just to be clear, I will NOT trade her my packet of miracle legumes. Unless she has a telescope.


I’ve got an idea…I’ll make a web page with a million pixels on it and sell each one of $1…on TikTok.

Or maybe I’ll make a web page with a button that goes away when people stop pushing it ever few minutes…on TikTok.


I read this and planned on saying, “Hopefully she can avoid Jim and the magical beans.”

So I said it anyway.


meh - it’s been done.


To her credit, she immediately mentions One Red Paperclip in that first video.


I love these trade-ups and the people who make them succeed. I hope she meets her goal.

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Remember that guy who traded one red paperclip up to a house in Saskatchewan? Well, now there’s an anonymous Bay Area woman

Upping the difficulty I see. From possibly a $100k house to a $1mm+ house.


I wondered when Pixel Marketing would revive. Now I want to see a reincarnation of “The Amazing Send-Me-A-Dollar Website”. Just haven’t figured out how to divert it to my account.

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I wonder if that brings any tax implications on capital gains. Or could they claim the house essentially has the same value as the paper clip?

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This was my immediate thought. People who own a house but it’s not valuable or in an in-demand location and the property taxes and maintenance they’re not doing are too expensive. Be careful what you wish for.

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Good call. That red paperclip is probably worth a lot more now that it’s internet ephemera.

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