Can someone explain this to me? (Newtonian physics)

Why does the bathroom scale weigh me two kilos heavier when it’s on the rug?

Seems odd… does introducing another spring under the one that’s weighing you mean the latter is somehow more compressed? WTF?


Weigh other stuff on the scale and see what happens. It could be that shifting your weight constantly to attain better balance on the carpet scale has higher average downward force?


A standing human is a constantly shifting mass full of kinetic and potential energy. Shifting your weight bends your knees, and bending your knees then stopping will transmit a small force to the ground. Straightening them back then transmits another force to the ground in excess of your resting mass in the gravitational field. We all unconsciously are shifting our weight while standing because feet have weird geometry but work well enough for evolution.


All modern scales have carpet sensors. They do that to compensate for the earth’s centripetal field. When you are on carpet, the polymers in the fibers transmit field lines through the scale and into your feet, then legs, then ass, then torso. Eventually they reach the shoulders and dampen. But when they bounce back, they are adding mass to your frame. The carpet sensors then kick in and compensate, but cheap scales from China don’t fully compensate but instead overcompensate, thus the two kilos. Good scales from Switzerland and Burkina Faso compensate for wave transmission perfectly and are actually more accurate on carpet than linoleum or stone. Check your scale’s calibration screws. You can adjust them with a screwdriver in your teeth while gripping the scale with both hands to squeeze it for a reading. All men squeeze 10kg pectorally when simultaneously trying to intestinally eject a fart. Biological fact. So you can use it as a gold standard while you mouth-torque the scale’s set screw. HTH and good luck.


Don’t make me force you to concede I use waaay more than 10kg.


Because carpets make you fat. Duh.


Professor Dolphin here, what ya need to do is…

Problem solved!


Maybe you had a Mega Seed way up inside your rectum…



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