Can you draw Nancy?



Jerry Lewis’s last (Fore)Words

have you tried a library?


Looks like a job for Mark Newgarden to me.


I think this is more or less what the original looked like:

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Shiny things exist! And Brainspore is handsome and mad with power! Meow
My failed attempt to draw the Nancy comic strip

Bravo! You’re hired!


Given the right environment, and enough time, these will evolve into the entire Nancy Universe. Happy to help.



Yep. That’s what I came looking for.


They certainly would have already asked Mark, as he’s currently working on “How to Read Nancy” for them.


here you go


@fantagraphics + unemployed cartoonist + photoshop =

Enjoy. I’ll take a job as a reward :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you, Zippy the Pinhead!


That Tattle-Tale Nancy.


My guess, given the available space is:

Oh Dear – My Nickel Rolled Under the Fence


I faced a similar problem when I edited Firesign Theatre’s “Duke of Madness Motors”…Firesign famously read out a “Bringing Up Father” strip during an episode of “Dear Friends” (punchline: “Why don’t you let him enjoy the war?”). The strip didn’t exist in any anthology, so I had to make an interlibrary loan request to San Francisco Public Library to get the 11/18/1918 edition of the San Francisco Examiner on microfilm. It was beat to hell, of course, which meant ten hours in Photoshop to get it to look presentable. Hope everyone’s duly infuriated about libraries throwing out their paper holdings. To fuel the fire, why not read Nicholson Baker’s “Double Fold”?


They should already be talking with Princess Sparkle Pony. He has an insane amount of knowledge of Nancy, and has analyzed these strips in minute detail. Look closely


New users cannot post photos? : (


I always thought Aunt Fritzi was kinda hot - well it turns out she had a life of her own!


Can someone explain to me why Nancy fandom is a thing that exists? I’d assumed it was merely irritatingly determined irony, but Peter Huestis/Princess Sparkle Pony appears to actually be sincere, and in any case someone is buying those Fantagraphics collections. Is this a case of “sufficiently advanced irony is indistinguishable from sincerity”?


Ah, thanks, Nixie, but I don’t know nearly as much as Newgarden or Paul Karasik.