Can you PLEASE stfu about Gamergate?

Can you PLEASE stfu about Gamergate? I am so close to unsubbing from BoingBoing because of all your posts.

EDIT: And not because I am pro- or con- gamergate… i’m just so sick of the coverage. You’re just perpetuating it. Please… just move on.

In your experience, how effective is it to ask people to shut up about any particular topic simply because you are tired of hearing about it?

How about when you are in a crowded room?

No response required, I’m sure you’re just venting.


I know, right? It’s like, a couple of posts a week almost! And then you have to scroll past it to find the next story. That’s a lot of work.


You should be careful… someone might think you’re being sarcastic and then your super clever message might be misunderstood!

I’m just saying they’ve said their opinion. We’ve got it loud and clear. Either time to cover an alternate angle, or move on…

What’s the alternate angle?


I’m confused… can’t you just… not read the threads if they irritate you? Read a different story? Given the traffic on the boards, this is clearly an important topic for the community and the editors here, so I think as long as that’s true they’ll probably continued to cover it…



Were you around in the “WiFi” years when every new article on warchalking or pringles-can wifi-boosters was posted? Or the “cakeMod*” years?

#gamergate posts ain’t even a patch on the “banana just look at it” posts.


Oh, grasshopper. You are too funny.

* cake mod seriously? Cake MOD!!! WTF I DONT EVEN, after all these years…


Obviously, you get a choice about reading stuff. Me, I don’t get the Disney thing, but it doesn’t bother me so much.

And of course, you have the opportunity to be the change and all that. Submit something cool. Start a thought provoking discussion as a new topic on the BBS. Join in with some of the games or start one yourself. Engaging in discussion of topics you enjoy is far better than sitting back and complaining about things. The front page of BB is only the start of things. :smiley:


While I am don’t particularly like your “I can’t be bothered” tone, I do agree that at this point legitimate discussion on this topic has basically petered out.

The only people who really stand to benefit from continued discussion of GamerGate are advertisers. It’s quickly becoming a self-perpetuating click grab.

From a recent motherboard article:

“To stop covering GamerGate means to pass on potentially hundreds of thousands of page views.”

The Unspoken Traffic Engine That Drives GamerGate

Methinks someone protests too much.

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As there’s someone going on in a similar vein in one of the other (GOOOODDDDD WHY SO MANY, WAAAAH!1!ONE!ELEVEN) GG threads, I’m thinking it’s possibly a new sealioning tactic.

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I STILL prefer to consider this term only in context of it’s use as the lesbian version of a cougar. And clearly this tactic will be of great benefit to those ladies of conquest.


OK. Goodbye!


It’s a human-thing; you wouldn’t understand.

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On the other hand, many of us here who participate in the conversation about gamergate are damn sick of the tacit misogyny that’s going on and are rising up against it. Just because you don’t care doesn’t mean the rest of us don’t.


Oh man, you should have seen the shit we had to put up with in the era of print media. For example: I never played the lottery, but the winning lotto numbers were printed on the bottom of the front page of the newspaper every day. I still feel filled with rage every time I think of them sitting there so smugly next to the 3-day weather forecast, mocking my indifference to government-sponsored gambling.

All my friends were utterly unsympathetic, saying stuff like “hey, man—just turn the page and read something else. It’s not that big a deal.” But finally I’ve found a kindred spirit who understands. Bless you, @evildonald. Bless you.


Of all the gamera - gate threads to derail, this analysis by @waxpancake brought data-centered info to the discussion.

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