Candidate for Wisconsin governor breastfeeds in campaign video


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Yawn. This is Manuela D’Avila, former deputy (Communist Party of Brazil), giving some right wing deputies whatfor on the floor of the Brazilian federal Chamber of Deputes two years ago. She’s running for president of Brazil now. Once again, the US is far behind the civilized world.



Beat me to it.
But (while I have some serious reservations about some of that video) I think leaving the breastfeeding in the final cut was a boss move.


If the daughter ever goes into politics, she can truthfully say that she learned politics at her mother’s breast.


I’m sure that was very much a planned part of the ad, despite her claims it wasn’t.

And, if it really wasn’t, if, without planning it in advance, her husband hands her a crying baby while she is filming, he is not a very good model of modern fatherhood.


Why so sure?

Why not? It’s not like they’re using actual, expensive “film.” They probably did a lot of takes, with her saying a lot of different things, then edited together the bits that worked best.

You seem very, very determined to find something wrong with these parental actions.


Paul Soglin is still around? Some of my professors in grad school blamed him for the Sterling Hall bombing that killed a promising young physics postdoc. (He had written op-eds against the adjacent Math Research Center using cancer metaphors.)


Well, not really, since I think it was planned, but in the hypothetical, if a man can’t handle a baby for a few minutes while the woman is doing something important, that’s pretty poor.

Thank god she’s not a surgeon, I guess.

Mostly just because a) ads are generally very planned, and b) because she gives the (good) impression of someone who would not be ok with a guy who walks into her set while she’s filming without having discussed it first.

I don’t think that making the point intentionally lessens it in anyway.


Is HE supposed to breastfeed the baby?


If they hadn’t agreed that he should walk onto her set, he should comfort the baby until the take is done.


Now see, I like this because you’ve just mentioned one of the things that
very much sucked about the video.
It’s all over the fucking place- made me want to watch it a second time
with the whole gang and score how many blows against feminism land vs
against patriarchy.


But ya see…she was a communist. /s



You clearly have never had to deal with a hungry baby, have you.

cc @Mindysan33



I fell into the trap of watching this once already and was forever scarred!!!


The look of horror on Stewie’s face…


Goodness knows they explode after 60 seconds of not being fed! And exploding babies, NOT COOL!


I don’t think it can be forgotten :slight_smile:



I’ve never met parents of a second child who don’t plan for how to get a baby fed when planning an activity that overlaps with feeding time.


That reminds me, I had a kitten once who tried to nurse on me. It was so cute, in the creepiest way!