Cannabis ad brilliantly parodies prescription drug commercials


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I literally shed a tear while watching that. Funny, yeah, but, man, it has been a long time coming.


"The real sticky icky"

Yes Mam Sir!



Let’s all hope that Dear Attorney (1Star) General Jeff has to “suddenly” recuse and refuse himself from the Department of Justice. With the Golden State set to begin recreational sales on January 1st, I think that the backlash would not be mellow.


And yes, this is a real company.



Man, what the hell did I just watch?


They forgot to mention paranoia.


I am an Oregonian, and I approve this message.


I’ve found that high CBD content negates this effect. For me, at least; YMMV.


Speaking of musical dopeness, that mellow big pharma soft guitar music is right on point.


“Ask a doctor if cannabis is right for you; it probably is.”

Best line in the ad.


That was much better then what I did in an afternoon a few years ago but I will share it anyway.


And existential dread, and anxiety… somehow, I get like, the OPPOSITE of everything they claim as a “side effect”. People say I need to try a different strain… for me that sounds like saying you need to try a different caliber revolver for Russian roulette.


I feel better just watching this commercial.

Also, I almost never laugh out loud at anything I see on the web any more, but yeah this one made me laugh right at the end.

Well done!


This is fantastic!


Yes please.


Different strains ARE very different in terms of effects, but go with your gut on this one.


There’s no such thing as a pharmacological free lunch.
Some people just react badly although a lot is mindset and setting. My father can’t even get near cannabis because he says it makes him feel like he’s disappearing and isn’t a real person anymore.
I stopped using Cannabis several times because my mindset and setting were less than optimal but I was also pretty much stoned 24/7 except for work times (and I believe this was a big part of my problem)
I also had to learn to let the plant work and not try to hold on to the days problems and concerns. I would fight sooooo damn hard not to let whatever was bothering me go (or to quote Pacific Rim I chased the rabbit) and ended up paranoid.
This is the system I came up with. YMMV

  1. take one and only one puff
    2 ) wait
    3)if I feel relaxed and slightly euphoric then I continue if not & my internal :hamster: wheel starts spinning I take a walk or a shower or play some games or whatever.
    If I feel better I try again…or not. The most important thing is not to beat yourself up.
    As far as strains go… some people say sativas will make you paranoid if you are apt to be that way and others say it’s bullshit. YMMV


I have friends that have severe reactions to caffiene. The solution is to not drink coffee, tea or soda which contains caffiene.

You might think that they are really missing something by never going to a coffee shop, but they still manage to live rich, rewarding lives. Ask your doctor about not using cannabis today!