Even Cheech and Chong would be impressed with this “Happy Kit”

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I guess I’m spoiled. Dispensaries in CA give you all this stuff for being a first-time patient. Not even kidding.


We’ll at least weed has finally jumped the shark from needing constant advocacy to needing advertising criticism. Describing a weed kit as a Happy Kit is about as accurate as considering a Happy Meal a meal. IME if you’re already feeling pretty good, weed will boost that mood into surreally pretty good. And likewise can launch you into surreally anxious, depressed, uninspired or bored.


There was anti-devil-weed advertising that ran just before Suicide Squad when I went to see it. (NV). We have strong alcohol cartels (casinos) here.

Tho, when it first mentioned weed, I wasn’t the only member of the audience to respond positively & vocally. Prolly not the outcome they desired.


Really? My understanding (and personal experience) is that Nevada has a fairly good medical cannabis system. I’ve been able to buy it in Vegas with my CA doctor’s recommendation, though I understand that your attorney general wants to stop that.

Cheech and Chong? Really?

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I’m trying to find out, I’ll let you know.

They do still draw a strong line between rec & med, & lots of the Nancies still don’t like either. Even tho it’s not going into their bodies & the only alternative is Big Pharma poison.

Hey, those guys are American Heroes!

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I dunno. If you look at the products Tommy Chong is hawking these days, I’m not so sure how impressed he’d be with someone charging $24 for the sort of cheap-ass new-patient freebie pack that most dispensaries give away.

Chong’s Choice Premium Cannabis Products


No lighter?

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“Skin like that very hot for three weeks and then—” the guard snickered “—wearing the Happy Cloak…”

I disagree. It can do that in the early days, but after being a regular smoker, cannabis acts as a centraliser. Whatever mood you’re in; happy, sad, anxious or excitable, a good smoke will always level you out to a nice, even plateau.

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