Carabiner box-cutter with a ceramic blade


Nice-looking knife. Can’t see anything “carabiner” about it, though, apart from a passing resemblance.


Sounds perfect for air travel.


My box-cutter of choice: the Olfa Multi-Blade Auto-Load PL-1 at roughly the same price. I don’t have to worry about running out of sharp blade(s) when I’m out in the field on service calls, though it’s not suitable for children or spazes.

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Nothing about this resembles a carabiner.

The plastic covers fall off every time it’s dropped and the blades are easily lost when this happens. For the models that don’t auto-retract the blade it’s pretty easy to break blades from a drop as well. At $4 a blade it’s not fun to lose or break them.
My work place bought them for the safety factors (auto-retracting blade and rounded tip), but most people have given up on them after a few months. I could never switch from using a mini-folding box cutter, like the Sheffield 12116, that easily fits in my pocket.


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