Carl Hiaasen's BAD MONKEY, now in paperback!




Hiaasen’s great value; pageturners that make with the LOLs.


This guy is a great author. Offbeat characters abound!

As a recovering Floridian (conversion to Colorodan coming along nicely), his location bring back a LOT of memories (his books take place in and around Florida). Some memories make me miss Florida, more remind me why I left.

This, in particular, was a great book.


Same here --there may not be a “cure”, but Hiaasen therapy works wonders.


Not really a recovering Floridian but I’m a former two-year Florida resident, with return visits twice a year to see family. I wish that Hiaasen were as prolific as John D. MacDonald, but I’ll gratefully take whatever new stuff he’s able to provide.


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