Carly Fiorina running for president



I bet lots of ex-HP/Compaq employees will soon start an unofficial “Anyone But Carly” campaign that will silently sunk her boat.

I wonder why she thinks she’s got any chance, to be honest. Is she looking for a new job or something?


Don’t forget the fine work at Lucent (which was so successful that Lucent is now an appendage of Alcatel, which is doing so well that Nokia is poised to devour it…)

Her work at HP is, of course, the stuff of legend, helping to make HP one of the premier technology graveyards of the early 21st century.

If she did as well in office as in business, her term would be marked by the secession of several of the most prosperous and well developed states, a bunch of clueless floundering; and an eventual controversial merger with Mexico in order to realize unspecified synergies.

Bloody hell, at least Romney was good at running an evil corporate chop-shop…


And doesn’t that mean she truly does understand how to wage American business in the 21st century?

Being so inefficient as to leave money for the investors is either 1) a rookie mistake or 2) soooooooo 20th century.


Ah yes, the great glass-ceiling denier. I guess the disconnect from Reality World that she showed on that issue also makes her think she has more than a snowball’s chance in Hell of becoming president.



I dunno, a lot of left coast techies are Democrats, and would love to see Fiorina run. Not too many candidates are more hapless - or less hapful - except maybe Gov. Perry

Also, I cannot fathom clicking the link above. Might as well be

I’ll never forgive her for killing the HP calculator line.

No it wasn’t glamorous, but they made money every year. She closed down the division to take a one time profit by selling off the assets.

I still have my HP 48SX. It’s twenty years old and still works.


I suspect that the opportunity to have an even larger Air Force is irresistible.

Looking to sell books to the credulous, fill seats at events where she’s a “speaker”, etc…
It’s really almost comical, but it’s not. What a sad state of affairs that she’s not just laughed off ENTIRELY as any kind of candidate. Just the fact that she’s consulted by (admittedly only idiots) on TV as some sort of expert is bad enough.


So how did she get to be head of a one of the largest tech corporations?

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Her father was “a Republican United States Deputy Attorney General and then a member of the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit for nearly 35 years until his death”. The rest is in her wikipedia page. Let’s just say some people get a lot of chances.


Destroying companies and jobs, yep she knows how it works.


It would almost be better if she said “I have no idea how the economy works.” At least that way she’d have an excuse for what happened at HP.


Some people fail upward.


But almost the ENTIRE REPUBLICAN FIELD is as laughable, which is even more depressing… not a single person who has declared has made me say, “oh, well, I disagree with them, but at least they are competent…” Not a single one.


Wouldn’t it be a lark if someone other than a child of the .01% had that flavor of misfortune on occasion instead of the usual fail downward until you’re living in a van. Down by the river.


Not everyone who rises to the top gets there on merit… in fact many don’t. It’s not about what you know or how talented you are, but often about who you know.


[Citation needed]


I can’t tell if this is a good sign or a bad sign but I’m getting the impression that Republicans are trying to cash in on tolerance by putting forward a bunch of token number of “diverse” candidates to win back the moderate vote without having to actually change their positions on any social issues.

“Hey America—you like voting for black Presidential candidates now, right? Well we’ve got one right here! What’s that, you say it’s the 21st century and it’s high time we gave a woman the chance to be President? Well we’ve got one of those too! See, the New GOP™ is totally the hip party of today.”