Carly Fiorina running for president

Bear in mind that this is coming from the same people who put light shows and coffee bars in churches to make them more “hip”.

I voted for Perot. I didn’t actually think he would be a good president, but he seemed like the strongest third-party candidate we’d seen in my lifetime.

Anything to just make people get the idea that there are more than two prepackaged options.

Isn’t having deeply sad, painfully second-rate, bowdlerized versions of ‘worldly’ culture, presented as ‘godly’ culture a fairly long standing tradition?

Basically all of ‘christian rock’ (except Black Sabbath; I maintain that they are, in fact, christian rock, despite not sucking); Guitar Praise, Super 3D Noah’s Ark, and so on.

I’m firmly in the ‘smirking liberal atheists from the northeast’ camp; but even I think that it’s kind of sad how low christianity has managed to fall, culturally. They used to be on the cutting edge of art, music, and architecture; and now they are flailing so badly that they don’t even have anything to define themselves as for, just some aspects of modernity to define themselves against, even as they indulge in shitty clones of exactly those things.


It’s because the church (whose church, though) used to have much more political and economic power is why - they really don’t anymore. I’m sure there are still useful and good culture coming from those who are religiously oriented folks, but the praise music, hip, mega church stuff is not really it. But I doubt that’s all that’s being produced, it’s just getting the most attention.

“and would love to see Fiorina run” How about that part?

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There are certainly still people who are both christians and producers of good or excellent work in all sorts of fields. What seems to have gone way downhill is the quality of anything that aspires to be ‘Christian $THING$’.


I would say it makes as much sense as saying that someone who’s LOST a lot of money playing poker should be running the casino.


Well it’s not like she was losing her OWN money.


That’s a feature, not a bug.


God forbid he’d have won! We’d all be in a gulag by now.

Dio was far more Christian rock than Sabbath. At least they were both better than Stryper though… 0_o
(apart from when he was in Sabbath, natch)

This is true, Black Sabbath was by no means the christianest rock; I think I find them salient in the category mostly because of the not-sucking and because of their tendency to get accused of being satanic at rates far above average for the genre.

If you see your mom this weekend, be sure and tell her, SATAN! SATAN SATAN!!!

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