Haunted by a lack of young voter support, Hillary advertises on the AOL login screen


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I’ll take ‘Clueless’ for $500, Alex.

I needed something to giggle at this morning. Thanks, Cory!


It’s never a good sign when your first reaction is “Has to be an Onion link, doesn’t it?”

Definitely nothing hipper and more with it than Verizon’s ad-tech arm.


Or it’s part of a network ad buy.


I don’t think anyone in the 18-24 demo even remembers AOL CD’s as anything but a drinks coaster, their wide circulation had ended by, IIRC, 98, and at 24 you would have only been six then. The only people I know under 30 know actually remember the modulate/demodulate song are those that were/are computer geeks/nerds.Yes, I do realize that in some rural areas modems are still used to connect to the intertubes at 56.6kbps - which is a basic rights violation in my books.

In one of the linked articles they mention that Hillary once claimed to not know what “wiping” a computer meant - I now believe her. I also believe that she had zero knowledge on the implication of what having her own email server meant in terms of InfoSec. Not that I’m saying that email server ultimately matters as much as it has - I’ve never seen a bigger attempted political fulcrum in my life.

Granted, the “don’t trust anything politicians do/say because everything is done for purpose and that purpose is to serve them first” sees this as a potential way to fully discredit her intent around the email kerfuffle with the younger demos because everyone in that demo is tech savvy, by default.

BTW, @doctorow I had to click every link & linked-link to make sure none of them belonged to the Onion.


I have to imagine that a full-page takeover of AOL’s login screen is still worth a bit more than your basic sidebar slurry or algorithmic-listicle-junk. That said, I would be interested to know how much(if at all, they could have fallen that far) extra you have to pay or specially you have to negotiate, to get this placement rather than generic scattering on AOL’s various properties.


Old people vote, young people don’t. Makes sense to me.


I thought the election was in November 2016, not Eternal September…


Maybe she was appealing to hipster irony?


“AOL Email login-screen”

I hope they got a smoking deal for that!


well, she was so satisfied with her previous service from them…


Well, it’s got her a free mention in hipster central: BoingBoing…


And how much is that mention worth, above the pointing and laughing? One? Two? That many?


In the end, — in New Hampshire — the only demographic Mrs. Clinton held onto from 2008 was voters over the age of 65.


W.T.F? She expects to win?


the people whom she serves (the very wealthy) have lots of money to throw around to insure their continued influence.


many young people frequent the AOL login page, ironically.


Naw, they did that back before it was cool. :wink:


yeah but now it’s cool so people who do it are voting age.


Well, and people with a household income over 200k: http://www.nbcnews.com/politics/2016-election/primaries/NH (scroll way way down…)