Cars may be more dangerous than the sun on April 8th

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Being only 45 minutes away from the eclipse’s full coverage, we’re allocating over twice that time to get to our destination. There will be a lot more cars on the road, and many of them will be international visitors, having flown into the country and not used to U.S. roads to begin with. The authorities ridiculously asked truckers to avoid the interstates: like that’s gonna happen. We’re the ones who’ll be avoiding the interstates.


We’re leaving Thursday and staying for 7 days, about a 3 hour drive to Sandusky, Ohio.

Our daughter, her husband, and our nephew are coming Saturday for 3 nights in tents. Our Nephew is coming from a little north of Chicago.

Everyone else is coming for 1 or 2 nights.

Almost everyone is spending the night Monday so our group should be relatively safe.

The weather right now is looking iffy but most meteorologist says the banks of Lake Erie will be one of the good spots.

But, we do have a 42" TV that will be tuned to NASA’S live feed just in case, providing we have internet.

They’re warning about cell service.

We’ve been planning this for a year so no matter what it’s going to be a good time.


and miss a lifetime event? just go outside and wait untill the sun is completly covered by the moon. then you can safely look at it directly, see the corona and marvel at the dawned horizon all around you. its something you will never forget.

and you dont stay inside just because its a holiday weekend, right?


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