Casey Neistat tests out his 'Not a Flamethrower'


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Take something that’s existed in boring old industry for years, make it a bit shinier, give it a new name, promote it, insinuate that you invented it and that its going to Change the World, and plus the fact that you’re in Silicon Valley and Disrupting Tech or whatever, and profit! That’s how it works and has for years now. That’s the joke I guess.


He’s pointing it the wrong way.


If Casey thinks this is super cool, he should take some time to investigate the other fun (and dangerous) things you can buy or put together from hardware, fertilizer, and drug stores supplies.


I can see a couple of practical uses for it, most of which are legal.


We all know Elon made this just to be the real life version of this guy.


he didn’t link to the before take…


I now have new criteria for deciding which roofer to hire.


If I can be grateful for nothing else in my life, I can at least be grateful that I’ll never be called a “YouTube personality”. Unless something goes horribly wrong.


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